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Micah Arocha

No description

lib hist

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Micah Arocha

The recipient is Kyle J. White. Mr. White risked his life for others in multiple situations. He took the situation into his own hands only being only a radio operator and he did significant things.
Kyle White exposed himself to enemy fire to save a falling soldier to supply him with medial help. He first went to go save another life before he even thought about saving his own.
Kyle White exposed himself to enemy fire once again to secure a radio from a decreased comrade. For the
second time
he exposed himself on the battlefield but this time to get a radio!
Kyle White distingiushed himself by acts of gallantry and intensity at a risk of his life above and beyond serving as a radio operator.
Micah Arocha
Kyle White had been hit hard, he was embedded with shrapnel, but he didn't care. He shook it off and he kept going as much as he could. He showed great courage through this.
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