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Florence seminar - Entrepreneurship project

No description

Carlos Trueba Salinas

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Florence seminar - Entrepreneurship project

Help create a healthier future for all humanity where people and environment coexist in harmony. Vision Be Paris' #1 resource for locating, evaluating and online ordering of vegetarian & vegan cuisine. Mission SWOT Catherine de Jong
Cristiana Nye
Ana Vacaflores
Carlos Trueba Go Veg! truebacarlos@hotmail.com Payment
Credit cards
Paypal Information
Easy to use website
Cooking recipes
User recommendations
Member blogs Advice
Restaurant ratings
Food recommendations
Market trends Exceptions
Clear claim and escalation process
24 hour call center (EN & FR) Hospitality
Friendly delivery staff
Customer first
Intuitive web page Security
Latest internet technologies
Regular restaurant audits Invoicing
Skilled staff
Respect of all promotions Order-taking
Online ordering
Call center (EN & FR) Restaurants Grocery stores Information Locate, evaluate, order and delivery of vegan food B2B B2C Deliver food Access to large customer base Direct customer feedback "Free" marketing & advertising Delivery Large customer base Aggregate market data Food companies Supermarket location New restaurants Market intelligence Online community Vegetarian Vegan Health conscious Food intolerant Blogs Recipes Rankings: restaurants, stores, products Updates, news, recommendations Key Success Factors
- Outstanding customer service

- State of the art web design & technology

- Largest selection of restaurants and grocery stores

- Ability to obtain useful and relevant market information in real time Direct Competition Significant Indirect Restaurants that deliver
Existing veg blogs
3rd party delivery companies Ranking restaurant sites
Magazine publications Large supermarkets & stores
Market research companies
Existing foodie websites Short-term (year 1) Objectives Core B2C Restaurants
Grocery stores
Information B2B Vegan
Vegetarian Health Conscious Food Intolerances Extended Interest Foodies Moms Athletes Chefs Mid-term (year 5) Sign 40% of all veg restaurants in Paris (100 out of 200)
Sign 25% of all veg stores in Paris (25 out of 100)
95% customer satisfaction
Get 20 000 delivery orders
Reach 40 000 unique and active website users 85% of all veg restaurants in Paris
70% of all veg stores in Paris
Expand to new locations
London in 2013 (8 mi - 11% veg population)
Berlin 2015 (4 mi. - 9% veg population)
Rome in 2014 (3 mi - 10% veg population) In Paris
180.000 about 200 about 100 Price Commission per order 10% service fee for restaurants Pay per click Charge for adds in our blog and forum pages People Highly motivated, efficient, caring and hard working team Short-term (year 1) Strategies Mid-term (year 5) Statement: Position today to be #1 vegetarian/vegan one-stop-shop website for when market explodes (optimize first-mover advantage)
Strong investment in Business Development Team
Strong investment in Promotion Activities
Community events, conferences, associations (word-of-mouth); Social network participation; Guerrilla marketing
Outsource delivery service- Outsource website development
Outsource delivery service & website development
Patent end-to-end system technology
Hire a Data Analyst Statement: Rapid international expansion and product diversification (selling market intelligence)
London, Berlin, Rome and Geneva Focused Differentiation Promotion Word-of-Mouth (events, social network sites, blogs)
Guerrilla marketing
Links from other sites
Veg(an) celebrities Product Place Internet
Mobile/Tablet App
Paris, London, Berlin, Rome, Geneva Process - Locate, Order, Deliver, Evaluate
- Online & Offline contact with customers
- End-to-End system technology linking customer orders to resto/store
- Interactive web design Physical Evidence Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
Community Growth
Interactive - Online platform for vegetarian & vegan community

- Convenient, easy, quality, reliable, speedy for customers and restaurants/stores For the vegetarian, vegan and/or health conscious consumers, Go Veg! is an online community website that provides convenient, easy, reliable and speedy location, ordering, delivery and peer-to-peer evaluation of the largest variety of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Paris, France through its end-to-end website system design and patented technology. For vegetarian and vegan restaurants and grocery stores in Paris, France, Go Veg! is an online community website that provides increased exposure and new revenue streams by access to a larger customer base, real-time market intelligence on consumer tastes, direct customer feedback, ordering and delivery of food from their venues, and advertising through its integrated end-to-end website system design and patented technology.

For information seeking companies, Go Veg! is an online community website that provides real-time market intelligence on changing consumer tastes, product demands or innovations, demographic analysis for restaurant start-ups or existing restaurants and grocery stores looking to establish a new location in Paris, France through its end-to-end website system design and patented technology Position Statement (B2C) Position Statement (B2B)
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