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The Short-Lived Roaring 20's

No description

Philip Malloy

on 21 March 2016

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Transcript of The Short-Lived Roaring 20's

The Short-Lived Roaring 20's
By: Philip B. Malloy Jr.
Ms. Kellam
English 11th Honor 2A

Thesis Statement
The 1920’s brought upon many new aspects that potentially changed how life became in America. This era became known as the Jazz Age as it sprouted a new generation of people. More notably named by F. Scott Fitzgerald, he illustrated the characteristics of the Jazz Age, which brought new dance moves, clothing and social changes (mainly in women) in “The Great Gatsby”.
Point 1
The Jazz Age started as a post WWI movement.
It was born during 1895, but was developed in the 1920's.
A combination of African American traditions and white middle class ideals.
Represented a vast cultural shift.
Ended at the started of the Great Depression.
The Jazz Age brought many new dance moves.
People were more expressive during this time period.
One major thing that happened was the social changes that occured.
Women in the Jazz Age
The Jazz age has brought many great things to America that started a chain of events that would change America in the future. Fitzgerald has illustrated the Jazz Age in The Great Gatsby with great detail and wonderful story. Though it ended in a short time, it did spark how people acted every day and continues to do so today.

Work Cited
• Source: Boundless. “The Jazz Age.” Boundless U.S. History. Boundless, 21 Jul. 2015. Retrieved 10 Mar. 2016 from


• Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. New York: Scribner, 2004. Print.

Women began going to bars, drinking, smoking, and wearing more reveal clothing.
Female musicians such as Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday emerged during this period of post-war equality and free sexuality.
In The Great Gatsby, Baker and Myrtle drink (mostly Baker) on occassion.
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