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wolf blood



on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of wolf blood

wolf blood Maddy Smith, who’s grown up in the sleepy village of Stoneybridge, has always been taught to conceal her true identity.There's a new arrival, Rhydian Morris, who’s been in foster care since he was two and knows nothing of his Wolfblood heritage, recklessly uses his abilities, and struggles to correctly use his powers. The series examines their growing relationship, their intensifying wolf abilities, and their friendship with their schoolmates, including their best friends, loyal Tom Okanawe and eternally curious Shannon Kelly, who saw a ‘monster’ on the moors as a child and has been searching for it ever since her joining the brownies. During the last episode, Rhydian and Maddy give Tom and Shannon a picture of themselves in wolf form, as a present for saving them. Shannon then wants to try and get the wolves protected, but in order to do that they need proof they actually exist, which means they need to release the rest of the bait, that was thrown somewhere in the woods. Meanwhile Maddy has been grounded for getting her into trouble, and her Parents think that Rhydian is a troublemaker. Whilst he meets his little brother Bryn (Nathan Williams), who wants him to go home. When the bait is released Maddy, Rhydian, Bryn and Rhydians Mother Ceri (Siwan Morris) run towards it, where Maddy and Ceri transform, later followed by Rhydian, who stops them from attacking one another. All of this in front of Tom and Shannons eyes. Maddy's mum and dad find out and decide to move to their friends in Devon. Rhydian convinces Shannon to not put the pictures on her blog, and to close the whole thing down. They go to her house and give her the memory card. The series ended with Rhydian walking away with his family. Aimee Kelly as Maddy Smith - The main protagonist. A 14 year old wolfblood who is best friends with Rhydian.
Bobby Lockwood as Rhydian Morris - Maddy's best friend who is also a wolfblood.
Kedar Williams - Stirling as Tom Okinawa - A regular human who has a crush on Maddy.
Louisa Connolly - Burnham as Shannon Kelly - A regular human who suspects Maddy may be a werewolf.
Marcus Garvey as Daniel Kelly - Maddy's father, a wolfblood.
Angela Lonsdale as Emma Kelly - Maddy's mother, a wolfblood.
Gabrielle Green as Katrina - One of the three K's, a classmate of Maddy and Rhydian.
Shorelle Hepkin as Kay - One of the three K's, a classmate of Maddy and Rhydian.
Rachel Teate as Kara - One of the three K's, a classmate of Maddy and Rhydian.
Jonathan Raggett as Jimi - One of Maddy and Rhydian's classmates who dosen't like them much.
Mark Fleischmann as Mr Jeffries - Maddy and Rhydian's teacher. the cast of wolf blood The cast confirmed after the final show that there will be a new series first of all do you like wolf blood?
if not you might want to watch this v http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/clips/p00zl0kw
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