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WW2 Causes of the War & the World Leaders

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Natasha Lewis

on 25 May 2016

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Transcript of WW2 Causes of the War & the World Leaders

Name of Leader: Franklin D. Roosevelt
(Leader of the free world)
Type of Government: Democracy
World War II
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
(1920-1930)The Great Depression and Europe
European nations experienced:
credit problems
business failures
loosing money
wide spread unemployment
war debt because of WWI

Economic Crisis in Europe
Europeans citizens chose to give up individual rights to their nation's government
Totalitarianism-Government controls every aspect of citizens' lives.
The Rise of
Benito Mussolini and Italy
(1922) takes control over Italy

believes the government is more Important than the people.
dictator rules

Make Italy powerful
Fix economy
Restore order

Name of leader: Benito Mussolini
Type of Government: Fascist/Totalitarian

Name of Leader: Adolf Hitler
Type of Government: Fascist/Totalitarianism

Used public anger to gain power in Germany
opposed the Treaty of Versailles and promoted nationalism
offered Germans someone to blame for their problems
He convinced the German people that Jews deliberately made Germany lose World War 1 by causing strikes, subversion and revolution on the home front.
He also said that they had deliberately caused the Great Depression.
Claimed that the Jews were seeking world domination and were therefore in competition with Germany's bid to dominate the world.
Extreme nationalism
Anti-Semitism (hatred of Jewish people)
Fix economy
Rebuild German military
Gain more land for Germany

Great Britain
Leader: Winston Churchill
Type of Government: Monarchy/Democracy
Great Britain

Churchill warned other nations about the threat of the Nazi Party.
Britain became a major player in the Allied Forces.

Soviet Union
Stalin terrorized many Soviet citizens who he believed were political enemies.
Communism: there are no rich or poor. Everyone is equal. The government owns everything
Name of Leader: Joseph Stalin
Type of Government: Communist Dictatorship
The Causes of WW II- Stations!
Great Depression in Europe
European nations experienced:
credit problems
business failures
wide spread unemployment
war debt because of WWI
The Rise of The
The Rise of

Political & Economic instability after WW1 caused Europeans to turn to
governments for help.

: a system of government in which a leader (
) has complete control over his country and the lives of his people

: (
) One ruler with total power over a country.

Leaders: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman
Government: Democracy

In addition to suffering from an economic depression, Germans were furious about reparations (payments they had to make to other countries for its role in WW1)

Germans felt
that their once proud, strong nation was not the same.

What do you think Germans wanted or craved at this time?

Hitler gained popularity, and in 1933 and became chancellor

Hitler promised:
to restore Germany to it's former greatness
Revenge at those who made them lose World War I
A way out of the Economic Depression
Unite all German People
Annex new territories for German- make German a Superpower

Nazi party ( political party of Germany)
believed in


controlled every aspect of the lives of German people
The Leaders During WW II
Spread communism throughout the world
Turn the Soviet Union into a large industrial power.

FDR will lead America through the war but he will die before the war is over
US Goals:
Make the world safe for democracy
Aim: How can we examine the start of World War II?
Do Now:

1. Complete the Pre-Assessment at your table.
2. Take out a piece of looseleaf and write your name at the top.
Small Group Activity
How well do you know the map of Europe???
log on to http://www.yourchildlearns.com/mappuzzle/europe-puzzle.html

Choose Europe map
work as a team to complete the map
Every person at the table MUST complete the map.
Extra Credit to the 1st team completed!

When you are done, try a different level
Do Now: Try your best!
Match the Leader with the Country!
Aim: Good historians identify the major leaders during WWII.
1. Winston Churchill
2. Joseph Stalin
3. Adolf Hitler
4. Franklin D. Roosevelt
5. Benito Mussolini
6. Hideki Tojo

A. Italy
B. Germany
D. USSR (Russia)
E. Great Britain
F. Japan

Independent Activity

Writing Prompt

Do you think Humanities class is run more like a dictatorship or a democracy?

In your response be sure to include:

THREE reasons why you think the class is run either like a dictatorship or a democracy
Specific EXAMPLES to support your reasons
Types of Governments

Problems with the Treaty of Versailles
Germany was bitter for having to take
full responsibility
for the war
Country was
from all the reparations
millions of Germans into neighboring countries
What do you think were Germany's problems with the Treaty of Versailles?
-Debate over whether he wanted to enter the war or if he was forced to agree because of the rising strength of the military who were dominating the government at the time.

(Dictatorship, Monarchy, Militarism)
Emperor Hirohito was Japan's longest-reigning emperor, holding the throne from 1926 to 1989.
Hideki Toko- Prime Minsiter of Japan
Wartime Leader!!
If YOU were there...

The year is 1933 and your family is struggling through the Great Depression along with millions of others. Sometimes your parents wonder if they should have left Italy to come to the United States. But conditions in Italy are far from ideal. A dictator rules the country, and people have little personal freedom.


Station 1: Inquiry

Station 2: Study Hall

Station 3: Content Instruction

Station 4: Vocabulary

Station Logistics

- You will have 15 minutes at each station.

-Directions for each station are on the table.
Post-Assessment Share
801 Groups
Group 1- Ingrid, Jalen, Juan, Rebeca, Jeinise, Ashley, Jennifer, Maritza

Group 2- Josh, Qussai, Helen, Anike, Jefri, Hung, Monseratt, Luis

Group 3- Rodrigo, Jason, Jessi, Anayah, , Jiovanni, Junior, Esperanza

Group 4- Diana, Ana, Wendy, Kevin, Mike

Stations' Schedule

Group 1:
Inquiry (1) Content (3) Vocab(4) Study Hall (2)

Group 2:
Content (2)- Vocab (4) Inquiry (1) Brain Pop (6)

Group 3:
Brain Pop (6) Study Hall (2) Content (3) Vocab (4)

Group 4:
Vocab (4) Brain Pop (6) Study Hall (2) Content (3)

Location of Stations
806 Groups

Group 1- Mohammed, Jenny N., Katherine, Mel, Anjelica, Grayson, Chelsea

Group 2- Hong Wei, Lani, Kendrick, Gregory, Javier, Christian, Kenneth, Luis

Group 3- Jacqueline, Julie, Jonathan, Samuel, Melvin, Steven R.

Group 4- Jason, Chris R., Rosa, Danely, Kayla, Kevin S.,

Do Now: Sit at the station you were at LAST. Continue the station activity.
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