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School changes

No description

Nik Barre

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of School changes

Schoolhouse Changes Introduction Early 1800's Waterman Fountain pen Ball point pen Have you ever wondered why or how schools have changed through each generation? Im here to show you how artifacts and parts of schools evolved and changed to meet the needs of the people who used them, namely the students. You will see a variety of things used and should be very interesting. 1940-present The Desk Adjustable School Desk Adjustable seat Wraparound Chalkboards earliest use was 1801 Slate Chalk boards were used so the teacher would not
have to write the problem, sentence, or word on
each childs individual slate. Modern white boards In the 1990s, concern over allergies and other potential health risks posed by chalk dust prompted the replacement of many blackboards with whiteboards. Water fountains Modern Day Oasis Fountain Pencil holders More practical late 1800's early 1900's Plastic / styrofoam lunch trays Trophies and Awards Pens Late 1800's no ink? Cap design Steel tip quick drying ink Ball to help with flow Wood Handle Steel Tip no ink "T Desk design" eliminated screws and bolts by joining the wood Late 1800's Cubby hole Chrome legs and rack Fiberboard tabletop In poorer or more remote schools, teachers might resort to painting a plaster wall or wooden panel with dark paint to imitate the slate. Lesson of the day 1800's Force Pump Used a "plunger" to create a vacuum to
move the water through the valves and up 1800's Haws Pump 1906 More sanitary Luther haws late 1900's to present day Stainless steel Internalized water cooler banks gave some to customers This one is early 1900's Early ones were cylindrical Later 1900's Plastic Pencil Bag late 1900's to present Lunchware Made their own food mid 1900's to present Cheap to reuse Cheap to get more Both are not very disposable Greener options for lunch trays Some schools are now looking for better eco friendly options regarding lunch trays. Its not very easy though. It is expensive and there arent that many other options. It was for the Smoky Valley School District fair References
Bellis, Mary. Lewis Waterman Lorna and Lenora. Old Mill Museum Other pictures
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