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Greer Institute for Leadership and Innovation Partnership Brochure

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Melvin Greer

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Greer Institute for Leadership and Innovation Partnership Brochure

Greer Institute for Leadership and Innovation
Partnership Brochure
2014 / 2015

Program Partnership Opportunities:
Disruptive Innovation
Harnessing Disruptive Innovation
This program provides education on how cloud computing, mobility, big data analytics and social business contribute to an innovative culture
Special Event Partnership Opportunities
Partnership with Real Benefits
Maturing new leaders and inspiring future innovators
About Us
The Greer Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank. Its programs are organized for educational and scientific research which the Institute uses to promote solutions to society’s complex leadership and innovation problems.

The Greer Institute is focused on three research areas:

Workforce and talent management
Harnessing disruptive technologies
Creation of an innovation engine via STEM / STEAM

Mission: The Greer Institute is devoted to maturing new leaders and inspiring future innovators through programs focused on education, mentoring and scientific literacy
Emerging Executive Program
This program links senior leaders to selected students or new leaders and provides a set of development initiatives focused on maturing leadership and innovation skills.
Program Partnership Opportunities:
Workforce and Talent
Leader Stretch Goal Program

This program coaches new leaders in identification, adoption and execution of stretch goals specific to their career goals and objectives.
Independent Verification and Validation
This program conducts IV&V research on disruptive products and services
Program Partnership Opportunities:
Innovation via STEM
Extern Program
This program provides teachers an opportunity to participate in a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) industry-focused educational experience. They will work with a sponsoring company with the goal of providing participants an in-depth view into current and modern STEM activities so as to influence the quality of STEM education at their schools.
This program provides students an understanding of what a STEM and STEAM career is, what engineers and scientists do and how to translate skills learned in school to attributes employers want to hire.

This includes presentations, panel discussions and group coaching and mentoring.
Student STEM and STEAM Programs
School to Industry Program
This program provides students an educational curriculum focused on one or more aspects of STEM industries. The students utilize a roadmap to guide development of academic and career selection.
Engineering and Financial Literacy Program
This program is an opportunity for faculty, engineers and students to learn the financial approaches, methods and tools required to successfully obtain and execute engineering and applied research projects.
Eleanor Dee Greer
Scholarship Luncheon
The Eleanor Dee Greer Scholarship Luncheon was born out of the Institute's desire to pay tribute to one of our fallen members, her work and her life. At this luncheon we recognize the achievement of our student participants and award scholarships to outstanding student achievement.
Semi Annual Happy Hour Event
At least once per year we host a happy hour and provide live entertainment. The proceeds from the event support the recipients of our Eleanor Dee Greer Scholarship.
Greer Institute

Book Signing and Research Collateral
Events featuring our new book entitled "21st Century Leader, Harnessing Innovation, Accelerating Business Success" and other research papers focus attention on the key research areas of the Greer Institute.
Why Partner with Greer Institute?
engineers and scientists
about future leaders and students...
We have over 100 combined years experience in developing and supporting engineering and scientific research projects
...which is reflected in the organizations we
Association of Black Engineers
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
Historical Black Colleges and Universities
African American Leadership Forum
Hispanic IT Executive Council
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
National Defense Industrial Association
IMF World Bank, Bretton Woods
...and our
winning efforts!
BEYA Technologist of the Year Award
IDC Research Thought Leadership Award
Inventor on three engineering patents
Author of four books and numerous research papers
Judges of multiple student research competitions

We have a solid reputation with industry, parents, and students
We regularly connect with our stakeholders and we listen with the goal of collaboration and flawless execution
Contact, Partner, Collaborate and
Change the World
Maria Di Paolo - Greer, President
Phone: +1 703 544 5612
e-mail: info@greerinstitute.org
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