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Presenatation (Nazca lines) o_O


PyroPleco PyroPleco

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Presenatation (Nazca lines) o_O

Nazca lines Who? What? When? Where? How? Why? Photo gallery References The nazca lines are a series of geometric geoglyphs in peru. These Geoglyphs stretch out for many kilometres. Many of these geoglyphs are animals or objects such as astronauts and hummingbirds. The amazing geoglyphs made it as one of the World Heritage site in 1994. Almost Everyone widely spectated that the nazcas drew the lines but other believe that:
-Created by some other celestial force.
-Gods left a "Message" behind. The most mysterious thing about the nazca lines is how they were created. It seems impossible because of the:

The researchers of the nazca lines however, discover that the drawing of the nazca lines are put into 3 periods (Chavin, Paracas and nazca). The first 2 is all about developing artistic skills to a high level while nazca is the major producing of the lines. It is still unknown what they used to create the lines. What could have made such a large geoglyph? This discussion has been a wildly spectated subject for many decades now. Aliens? Ancient Astronauts? The nazca's themselves? Anything is
possible. It's just a
matter of opinion. The nazca lines was created between the time period 200BC - 800BC.
-Discovered in 1939
-Made World Heritage site in 1994
The 3 time phases started and ended :
Chavin (500-300BC)
Paracas (400-200BC)
Nazca (200BC-500AD) The nazca lines are believed to be lines used for some sort of ritual astronomical functions. Prehaps it's used for some type of message? Or maybe the lines shows the different imporant stars and planets? Maybe it is to show constellations in the sky? It's purpose is still a running mystery to our researchers and scientists. Glossary Celestial : Of or relating to the sky.

Geoglyphs: A large drawing/painting on the ground

continuity: The state of quality of being continuious.

Constellations: A formation of stars to form a figure or design. Perhaps this is the hardest question to answer. There is so many theories but they don't have hard evidence to back it up. However... Some theories make more sence than others, example:
- Offering to the gods (Can only been in the sky).
This has only one back up point however...
- The nazca Culture were extremely religious. Most of them worked farms to grow crops and their lives is revolved around gods.
Was there really another purpose for those geoglyphs? Google
Aliens the truth
Crystal links View zone (Walking the lines) The nazca lines are at Nazca desert, Peru, Western southern America.
-400km below the capital city of Peru, Lima.
-Between the town of Nazca and Pampas
The nazca lines can be on any terrain.
-Desert valleys
-Ground Nazca Timeline Early settlers 20,000-10000BC 3000BC Cotton first cultivated
in Peru 1000BC Rise of the Chavin cult 700BC Rise of paraca's culture 700-300BC Rise of nazca culture, Nazca lines drawn To modern nazca culture The End Thank you for listening. Go2peru
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