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Pernkopf Atlas

No description

Kelly Passmore

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Pernkopf Atlas

A deceptive beauty The Pernkopf Atlas A scientific illustrative atlas, created by Eduard Pernkopf and his team of artists during World War II. The images are excellently crafted. But then the origins of the atlas were investigated and a startling discovery was made... The subjects of the illustrations were victims of the Holocaust. Such as
Eduard Pernkopf Creator of the atlas and dean of the Vienna University where the atlas was made and published. Pernkopf was a member of the Third Reich. Pernkopf fired all of his Jewish colleagues and had the Vienna institute swear allegiance to Hitler and the Nazi regime. Evidence can be seen in the illustrations such as the crudely shaved heads of the subjects Suddenly a great work of art holds a new meaning that goes far beyond the surface "The illustrations are beautiful, elegant, and precise, despite the barbaric sociopolitical beliefs of those who drew them" (Riggs). "The very presence of the Pernkopf atlas serves not only as a monument to its victims, but also as a constant reminder that we all must strive for ethical and moral behavior and guard against divisive or hateful ideology"(Riggs). "It is therefore within the individual user's ethical responsibility to decide whether and in which way he wishes to use this book"(Atlas). We can also look at the lives of the atlas makers themselves for more evidence of ethical corruption. Pernkopf third from the left
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