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How We See

How we see prezi

Katherine Patterson

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of How We See

Part 1- How We See The Iris controls the amount
of light that enters the eye The Cornea protects the eye and
keeps the aqueous humor in. It
also powers the eye The Pupil is the opening
to the eye The Sclera is the white
covering of the eye The Optic nerve transmits the
images from the retina to the
brain The Retina is the black, light
sensitive inner part of the eye The Virteous Humor helps
keep the eye's shape The Lens bends light to
focus an image to the
retina Parts of the Eye The Impossible Triangle The Impossible Triangle- a famous optical illusion = The Impossible Triangle actually constructed. See the trick? To watch a 3-D movie, you need special glasses. The first 3-D movies used blue and red lens The newer 3-D movies use polarized glasses 3-D Movies Many popular movies are using 3-D to give moviegoers a truely memorable experience type whatever
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