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Vans Shoes Rebranding

No description

Ryan Blackburn

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Vans Shoes Rebranding

Skateboarding emerging in popularity in India.

12 skateparks built there within the last five years.

Current population of 365 million in target market, ages 10-24.

Total 2015 sales of footwear in India expected to reach $45 bilion.
Vans Brand Equity

Been part of the skateboard culture since sport was invented in the 70s.

Waffle sole design.

Supports skateboarding culture through sponsorship of athletes, construction of skateparks.

Holds one of the U.S. biggest music tours, the Vans Warped Tour.

Encourages originality/creativity, one of first shoe brands that allowed consumers to customize their own shoes.
Vans Shoes
Rebranding in India

Vans is a shoe and clothing company based in southern California founded in 1966.

Today, it is considered a leading provider of footwear and apparel supporting the "action sports" industry, music and youth culture.

It was sold to the VF Corporation in 2004, which oversees the Lee Jeans Brand, Jansport, North Face and others. Combined annual revenues are $11 billion.
History of Vans
Building Vans in India
Goal: Expand Brand into India and increase total sales globally by 5 percent by December 2018:
Strategy 1: Engage 15 percent of the target audience through online/social media interactions/visits.

(Launch www.vans.co/inda as hub of Internet/social media presence and a social media app/game, "Vans Park Builder")
Strategy 2: Launch a “House of Vans” tour in Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune, India featuring local musicians and artists.

(Promote in newspapers, radio and magazines, drawings to win tickets and products)

(Construct small skatepark as demonstration and for future community use)

(Release video of tour on Vans site)

Strategy 4: Open three Vans Outlet Stores in cities previously visited during “House of Vans” tour.


(Announce each opening online, social media and in local print mailers. New customers enter drawing for free product if post pic on Facebook of recent purchase; Offer 10 percent off if customers fill out information with email address; hold a local skateboarding contest near each Vans Outlet Store)

Strategy 5: Form a Vans India skate team to promote Vans through the release of skateboarding videos and ads by October 2015.


(Invite skateboarders to make their own skate videos and post on Vans website; document their skateboarding exploits through a weekly show on Vans India website)

Strategy 3: Launch national contest to submit drawing and ideas for a new Vans shoe design/line.


(Offer winner lifetime supply of Vans shoes, promote new design on website with video documentary; sell shoe through country’s biggest online retailer myntra.com and other fashion-conscious stores in India. Use on T-shirts, sweatshirts. etc.)

Assessment of Costs:
• $1 million for 3-day music/art festival in 3 cities.
$100,000 for creation of mobile game.
• $50,000 for skateboard contests
• $50,000/year to sponsor five Indian skateboarders/ on Vans team (contract requires them to produce one ad and short video monthly.
• $1 million marketing and IT/web support.
• $1 million advertising.

Financial Projections:
• Vans sales in India will represent 5 percent of Vans overall sales by December 2018, or $50 million to include not only Vans shoes, but apparel as well. As a frame of reference, $50 million dollars would be the equivalent of 770,000 pairs of shoes priced at $65 being sold in this region over the next three years.

Measures of Brand Performance:
• Sales figures before and after strategies/tactics applied online and in India stores.
• Number of visits to Vans India websites before and after strategies/tactics applied.
• Number of Facebook and Twitter followers before and after strategies/tactics applied.
• Click-thru rates for web advertisements.
• Attendance at Vans events – “House of Vans,” contests and grand openings.
• Number of app purchasers.
• Circulation of print magazine advertisements and TV ratings for MTVIndia, etc.
• Website Traffic when promotions announced, videos posted.
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