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Neon Stingray Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2013

The latest news and innovations in the VOD world

Bhavneet Chahal

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Neon Stingray Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2013

Monthly VOD Digest Hot Off The Press! 24 Jan: Sony Entertainment Network has launched a new Online Store, allowing users to browse and buy Games, Movies and TV Shows for their PC, PlayStation consoles, Sony CTVs and Sony Android devices. Check out their walk-through video: Thanks and please contact me for Monthly Focus requests. What is it?
An open second screen protocol that allows your devices to discover and launch applications on smart TVs and connected devices.

Why should I care?
It's an open alternative to Apple’s AirPlay (AirPlay allows users to play content from their iOS devices on their HDTVs via Apple TV). With DIAL, this is possible on any 1st & 2nd screen devices, without the need of Apple TV or any intermediary.

Who's behind this?
Netflix and YouTube.

Who are the supporters?
Samsung, Sony, Google TV, LG,
Hulu, Pandora, Flingo and the BBC. In Other News.... The Story Behind DIAL DIAL makes it easy to launch apps on their 1st screen.

DIAL helps link 1st screen & 2nd screen apps without requiring a manual launch or pairing process by the user. For example... Suppose you discover a video on your mobile app and want to play it on your connected TV. Without DIAL: With DIAL: Launch the apps menu on your TV with the normal remote control
Navigate to the TV app
Launch the TV app
Navigate to the pairing screen on TV app
Launch and navigate to the pairing screen on Mobile app
Input 9-digit pin on Mobile app.
Tap the Play on TV button on the Mobile app Launch the Mobile app
Tap the Play on TV button on the mobile app For consumers: For app providers: Tablet, Phone etc. TV, Set-top box, Blu-ray etc. Focus on Content Discovery Consumers cannot select what they don't know - so 'Search' is the wrong approach to a constantly moving EPG or large VOD library.

Intelligent, personalised 'Recommendations' solves this problem, thereby improving retention and raising ARPU. Fact: Solution: Best in Class Recommendations Netflix BBC Hulu Recommendations Drive Business 75% of overall traffic comes from Personalised Recommendations "Everything is a Recommendation" - Netflix Their current default interface is devoted wholly to personalised recommendations Top rated or featured videos receive 207% more traffic as a result of crowdsourcing. Daily Total Traffic 75% of traffic driven by YouTube Suggestions Video Clicks from the Home Page 60% of video clicks driven from Recommendations YouTube Statistics Video Traffic Amazon's Yearly Revenue 20-30% of yearly revenue comes from sales generated through Amazon’s Recommended Items
(i.e. “users who bought this item also bought this item”) Amazon Statistics 35% comes from Recommendations Merchant's Online Sales Account Director
+61 478 815226 Bhavneet Chahal Latest VOD News: Netflix Statistics This month's focus:
Content Discovery Overall Traffic All videos Top rated videos
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