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The evolution of women's fashion during 20th century

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Mengyuan Li

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of The evolution of women's fashion during 20th century

The evolution of women's fashion during the 20th century
Flared trousers became fashion must-haves
platform shoes
Smock tops and mini-skirts were fashionable along with mules and hot-pants
skinny or high waist jeans

Media had much influence during this decade. Women's fashion in the 80s was very funky and bright.
baggy blazers, jelly shoes
Parachute pants
Perms and big hair
Consumerism influenced fashion the most. women had begun to reject the moneyed designer styles
more comfortable, casual clothing
Flannel shirts and ripped jeans
baggy pants

By: Viola Li
Clothing styles officially entered the modern era of fashion design
"Flapper Girls"
Flapper styles of short skirts, low waistlines, and bobbed hair characterized fashion
V-neck collars, low waistline
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How has fashion evolved in America over the last century and what has influenced this evolution?
Inspiration from:

From the Science of Genius by Keith Simonton
“Something else must permit a person to go beyond tradition and training to reach the summit of genius.”
The first true distinction between day and evening styles
Simple skirts and pared-down outfits
new fabrics for more luxurious evening wear.
synthetic fabric rayon
Fashion has changed under the influence of changing perceptions of the roles women play in society.
Today, while expensive designer clothing is still sought after by some women,however, casual, comfortable clothing styles at reasonable prices are the popular choice at the start of the new century. But one never knows what new trendy or outrageous style will emerge next on the fashion scene
Women's fashion was modeled after utility wear due to war rationing.
knee length dress
The "New Look"- rounded shoulders, full skirts, narrow waists

In this decade, fashion was very much shaped by Paris fashion houses.

Dior's full skirts, slim waists,rounded shoulders
Bright and girly colors: pale pink, baby blue, sunshine yellow
Teenagers began to become interested in fashion, especially in America.

Clothing was more accessible than ever before.
Colorful flared A-line dresses
some people chose the 'hippie' look when it came over from America.

How has fashion evolved over the last century and what has influenced this change?
Big picture
• For figure out this question, analyze each period of 20th century and find the answer
Known as the “Mash-up” decade. Recycled older styles and made them more modern. Denim became extremely popular. Later in the decade sweaters, leather jackets, and fur coats made a comeback for women's style.


(Victorian era)
Womens' fashion began to change from the recently passed Victorian era.
the silhouette of the mature, full-figured body
lighter cloths were chosen for formal occasions(weddings)
Embroidered bodices
bell-shaped skirts
bodices were worn to support instead of change shape,
Rose above the ankle became popular
Lighter materials were used to create frills and artistic drapes on dresses and waistlines were risen
wool or linen "suits"
women were starting to lighten up with their fashion and wear more comfortable clothing
"Fashion is about two things: the evolution and the opposite"
-Karl Lagerfeld
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Power point template edit from Adriana Mascorro
All pictures inserted were retrieved from google images.
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