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Buena High School Presents College Night:

No description

Julie Marquez-Gift

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Buena High School Presents College Night:

Buena High School
College Night
September 10, 2014

Explore, Explore, Explore!!
There is nothing like stepping foot on a college campus and asking yourself:
Can I see myself here? Does it feel too big/small?
Do they have the major I am interested in?
Do they offer on-campus housing?
What kind of financial aid do they offer?
Do I meet the selectivity criteria? How "hard" is it to get in?
Take Virtual/Online Tours
Explore College Websites/College Search Engines
See List of Useful Websites for College Bound Students
Attend College Fairs
See List of "College Fairs and Other College Events"

What are my options?
Where do we get started?
It's all about FIT!! A "good" college is one that is the right FIT FOR YOU!!

Components of the College Application
All Classes must be passed with an A, B, or C for college eligibility! D=FAIL!!!

Talk to your counselor if you need to make up an A-G requirement in which you received a "D" or "F".
General Testing Guidelines
11th Grade
11th Grade
SPRING: Take the "real" SAT or ACT for the first time
11th Grade
SUMMER AFTER JUNIOR YEAR: Continue studying for fall tests if you plan to retake them
12th Grade
FALL: Retake the SAT or ACT
10th Grade
Take the mock-ACT, November 2014
11th Grade
FALL: Take the PSAT, October 15, 2014 at BHS or October 18 at FTHS (space limited!)
Take the mock-ACT if you have not previously taken the PLAN
Taking both will help you determine whether you will do better on the SAT or ACT
You do NOT have to take both the SAT and the ACT! One or the other is fine! Avoid test burn out!!
Start studying!!!
Use these results to determine areas that you need to improve upon and study for
WINTER: Receive your PSAT/mock-ACT results...
IMPORTANT: December is the last test date that MOST colleges/universities will consider for college admission. Check for specific exceptions.
If you are planning on attending Ventura College: VC counselors will be coming to Buena in April to do Math/English placement testing.
You CANNOT transfer to a UC or CSU without completing 60 transferable units. This generally means TWO YEARS (or MORE) of community college before you can transfer.
How to get
your future
a reality...
The next steps...
Ms. Natalie Debbas, ext. 2054
Ms. Williams, Career Tech, ext. 2053
Career Center Contacts
4 Common Myths About
Choosing a College
Letters of Recommendation
CSUs and UCs DO NOT ACCEPT letters of rec
Request letters of rec at least TWO WEEKS before they're due
The "School Report" portion of the Common App = a letter of recommendation from your counselor
Invite teachers and counselors to complete letters of rec electronically through the Common App
Submit a "brag sheet" to your teacher/counselor. Tell us specific information you would like highlighted.
Give your teacher/counselor a copy of your personal statement if completed.
I've applied, what happens next??
Extra-curricular Activities and Community Service
1. I can't choose a college until I choose a major or career.
2. I should only apply to name brand schools.
3. Private schools are TOO expensive.
4. Community College is the best choice for the "unready" student.
1) Get
! Set up
"College Central"
and reference binder.
2) Set up a
college dedicated email address
and clean up Social Media
3) Athletes: Register with
NCAA Eligibility Center
if applying to Div 1 or Div 2 colleges/universities
Give back to your community.
Explore your world:
Visit museums, go to cultural events, travel.
6) Research and
visit colleges:
Start list of 10 - 12 schools
7) Develop and
polish college personal statements
and essays
8) Register and
study for SAT and/or ACT
Read a book
for FUN!
10) Start
researching scholarships
. Sign up with
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