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Motivation and Engagement for Literacy Instruction in the Elementary Classroom

Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction

Marisa Wiggins

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Motivation and Engagement for Literacy Instruction in the Elementary Classroom

John T. Guthrie
The Cycle of Interdepedence Concept-Oriented
Reading Instruction Positive Reading
The Motivation Man An intrinsically motivated student is considered an engaged reader. SELF-EFFICACY MOTIVATION ACHIEVEMENT READING COMPREHENSION ENGAGEMENT http://www.cori.umd.edu
7 Conditions for Implementing CORI 1. Identify a knowledge goal and announce it
2. Providing a brief real-world experierence realated to the goal.
3. Make trade books and multiple resources available.
4. Give students choice about subtopics and text for learning.
5. Teach cognitive strategies that empower the students to succeed in reading.
6. Assure social collaboration.
7. Align evaluation of student work with the context. 5 Practices
1. Use context goals in a conceptual theme.
2. Afford choices and control for students
3. Provide hands-on activities.
4. Use interesting texts.
5. Organize collaboration for learning from the text higher reading achievement deeper cognitive processing great conceptual achievement greater conceptual understanding willingness to persevere when reading Motivation and Engagement for Literacy in the Elementary Classroom "The difference between learning that is superficial and shallow and learning that is deep and internalized."
- Linda Gambrell Cultivate THE LOVE OF READING!
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