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Chemical Energy

No description

Jak Til

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Chemical Energy

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Chemical Energy
Main Components
- Chemical reactions happen when chemical bonds are created.
- The chemical bonds release the energy needed to make the chemical reaction.
- Chemical Energy is one of the most used types of energy.

Interesting Facts
What is Chemical Energy
Where Does It Come From?
Chemical Energy Is potential energy that is released by a chemical reaction. It's source of energy is the the bond between the atoms and the molecules. Chemical reaction is a process in which one or more substances are changed into new substances.
In photosynthesis , plants convert radiant energy from the sun into chemical energy in the form of sugar/glucose.
Electrical energy is stored inside the chemicals in batteries. When connected to a circuit the battery produces electricity.
Exploding Dynamite
When dynamite is exploding chemical energy changes very fast. Chemical Changes to thermal and radiant energy. It Also Goes From Potential Energy To Kinetic Energy.
How Does This Energy Work?
When energy is put in, it breaks a bond.
When a new bond is formed, energy is released.
In the reactant, the chemical reaction
bonds must be broken.
New Bonds Are Formed as a Product.
amount reacted or produced
Reaction Rate = _________________________

Chemical bond is the attractive force that binds atoms together in a compound.
Syria is using chemical weapons on there people.
What is the Main Uses of Chemical Energy
Where Can It Be Found?
Chemical energy is one most used types of energy. It is used and many things. It can be found in:
- Burning wood
- Boiling water
- Fireworks

By: Jakirra Tilley and
Jada Tyson
5th Block
September 5th 2013


Ferris, J. (Array). Retrieved from http://www.energyeducation.tx.gov/
Lew, K. (2008). Chemical reaction. Chealsea House.
Does Chemical Energy Transform To Any Other Type Of Energy and Which Ones?
Any of these forms of energy can be changed into the other forms: Chemical, Mechanical, Nuclear, Thermal, Radiant, and Electrical.
Chemical To Mechanical: Eating Food is Used by our Bodies.
Chemical To Nuclear: There is no direct way
Chemical To Thermal: Cooking Eggs
Radiant to Chemical : Photosynthesize
Chemical To Electrical: Batteries
Math III
10th Comp/Lit
Spanish III
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