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Is the Receiver A Honor or a Punishment?

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Landon E

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Is the Receiver A Honor or a Punishment?

Is Jonas being the receiver being an honor, or a punishment? I will show you what I think about this question. Also, there are reasons for both so you might not agree with me. Lets get on with it!
Why It Is an Honor!
Jonas being the receiver has it's good reasons! one is that there can only be one receiver in the whole community which last for 10 years. This is good because he will be respected throughout the community. Another reason why it is good is because he is receiver, he has his own set of rules that has advantages over normal people in the society. This is also good because he can ask people questions (which they have to answer) and lying. The last good side of being the receiver is that you get to see all the good memories that people had that have been passed on. It is a good feeling since the community doesn't know about it.
What I think!
I think that the receiver is a bad thing. I think that there are more reasons on the downside instead of the good things about it. Also, I feel like that if you are the receiver, your the one that is different from everyone else. Everyone else is living their life while your the one who is different. Also, the receiver is hard work and if you think about it. Jonas is only 12! Think of a 12 year old kid who is doing all of that stuff. Don't you think it's to much?
Why It Is A Punishment!
Jonas being the receiver has it's down sides though. One downside for being the receiver is that you have to hold all the bad memories. Like I said before about having the good memories, it's balanced. Another downside of being the receiver is that you can't reply for release. You might say that's a good thing but in my perspective it isn't. You know that if you leave the community all the memories transfer to everyone that is living in the community. You would want to leave for that. The last downside is that people really won't understand what their talking about sometimes. Like if your talking about love or family, nobody in the community has never heard of those feelings. So it's like you're the crazy one.
The End
Made By: Landon Edward Evans
That's it!
Well that's it! Hope you enjoyed what I thought about the receiver being a punishment or an honor. Hope you have taken what I said and hoped that it helped you out.
By: Landon Evans
Is the Receiver A Honor or a Punishment For Jonas?
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