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Senheng Marketing Analysis

No description

Lim Gie Fang

on 5 March 2017

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Transcript of Senheng Marketing Analysis

Traditional Marketing:
Press, TVC, Billboards, BTL & ATL Advertising.

Online Marketing:
Social Media:

Webpage/Website, Blogs, Youtube etc.

Mobile Applications:
Company Overview
SenHeng® Electric Sdn. Bhd.
established in 1989.
Founded by the Lim Brothers (K.H., K.C. and K.Y.)
Started with stock worth less than RM30,000 in a half shoplot to now
The Largest Electronic Chain Stores in Malaysia.
stores Nation-wide
SenHeng® carries two Electronic Brands channels:
Age Profile:
3 Generations (Depends on the product)

Gender profile:
Depends on the product range.
Overall electronic appliances/gadgets:

Household appliances (esp: Kitchen electronic products) :

Occupation profile:
Depends on the products.
(White/Blue collar workers, housewives, retirees, students.)

Education profile:
Depends on the products (Storewide covered all level of education)

Income profile:
Variety choices of electronic products fit each budget and needs.
Positioning & Objectives
Image by Tom Mooring
Marketing Analysis
(Advertising & Promotion)

3 C's
Current customers:
(Loyalty customers)

Potential customers:

Marketing Mix
Marketing (A&P)
Marketing Plans
Timing & Scheduling
Long term Marketing (Soft Skill Marketing)
Continuous pattern of marketing plans - Involved consistent advertising media (e.g: Press, Social Medias)
To keep customers updated and remind customer of SENHENG Brand image

Short term Marketing
Advertise only at a specific time of the campaign and none at other times (e.g: New Product Launches)
Direct Marketing - Enhance Direct Buying/Purchase
Guerrilla Marketing
Advertising Campaigns (Marketing medias : unconventional, and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product.)

Source: http://www.creativeguerrillamarketing.com/guerrilla-marketing/122-must-see-guerilla-marketing-examples/
Timing & Scheduling - Advertising (Branding)
Timing & Scheduling - Guerilla (Promotion)
is the store selling digital electronics
Established since
December 2003
has over
29 branches
Positioned as
'Big, Fun, Exciting, Friendly, Quality and Digital'
where the stores are located in
Tagline: '
Sensing the Quality it!
Policy: '

is one of the leading consumer electronics chain stores with
126 stores
in Malaysia.
is a
household brand
where the stores located in neighbourhood.
is positioned as a
Matured & Reliable Brand
'Different... Truly Different™'

SenHeng® mission is to create a better quality of living for all. Therefore, these values are created and delivers to the valued customers:
Peace of Mind
10 outlets
Stores located at neighbourhood (Mainly corner shop lots)
Latest Promotions: Promosi Aidilfitri
Source: http://www.onking.com.my/
20 outlets
19 Stores located at neighbourhood & 1 Store located at Atria Shopping Gallery, PJ.
Latest Promotion: HLK Premium store Grand Launch (26-28 June) - Atria Shopping Gallery
Coming outlets: Sunway Putra Mall, IDCC Shah Alam, Velocity Cheras.
Source: http://www.hlk2u.com/
7 outlets
3 Stores located at neighbourhood & 4 Stores located in shopping malls
Latest Promotions: Hari Raya Koten Sale & Lucky Draw
Source: http://www.esh2u.com/
And others such as
Alpha Home Appliances, Kenwood Electronic, Electrolux, Samsung, LG
and many more.)
13 outlets
Stores located in Shopping malls
Latest Promotions: Jualan Gila-Gila/Crazy Crazy Sales (27 June - 19 July 2015)
Source: http://www.harveynorman.com.my/
Plus One Member

Above 35years old
For busy & customers with urgency -Convenience (Located at
Mainly Generation - X
Plus One Member

Below 35years old
For younger generation customers - Located at
Shopping mall
Mainly Generation - Y
Target Market
coming soon?
Strong Brand image.
Convenience, Quality, Reliable
(Peace of mind)
After-sales services & Customer loyalty
electronic products chain stores in Malaysia
Main Distributor & partner with

(e.g Sony, LG, Axus, Acer, etc.)
Partner with major

(e.g AMEX, MasterCard, VISA, AEON Credit Service, etc.)
Low profit margin
Competitive Competitor
Lack of own electronic brand
Focus on too many products
Principals/Vendors do distribute products to competitors.
Growing household electronic appliances & gadgets in Malaysia market
Growing demand for quality electronic appliances
Saturated electronic appliances markets in small Township (e.g Kuala Selangor)
Rapid technological change
Boutique/family's owned electronic stores is mushrooming in neighbourhood
Growing of new electronic chain stores
Price wars (Promotions)

Top Brand
Acer Bosch Faber Microsoft Philips Sony Acson Cornell Hitachi Milux Panasonic Tefal Alpha Dyson KDK Nikon Rinnai Toshiba Asus Elba Kenwood Pensonic Samsung Tuscani Belkin Electrolux LG Pioneer Sharp Zanussi

The benefit of the brands SenHeng is carrying in terms of its product is that there is a trust on all the products because of the way products & the brands have performed in the past years.
Because of its presence in different brands and product categories, uses various pricing strategies.
The pricing strategies is based on brands & products' functions.
Two types of prices:
Skimming Prices
Competitive Prices
SenHeng is present in Two(2) channels in the market.
The channel marketing concept wherein there are two segments:
Corporate Sales, and Modern Retail
The Corporate sales handle key accounts that are involved in
large quantity & corporate accounts
(E.g: Property Developers, New Corporate office) - B2B.
The Modern Retail is present in the
modern electronic retail chain
(E.g: Walk-in customers, neighbourhood customers, loyalty customers) - B2C
1. SENGHENG - Neighbourhood stores (Shop lots)
2. SENQ - Shopping malls
Sen Heng grows and gives opportunities for talented people who works for the company
(Sen Heng was awarded
Best Companies to Work for in Asia : Year 2013 & 2014
Sen Heng provides
SENHENG Franchise Academy
for career advancement
Physical Evidences
prepared by: Vyn Lim GF @ 2015
for your time & attention
Sen Heng is the largest chain stores in Malaysia which is more than
100 stores
It has done a lot investment to develop
strong brand image nationwide
And also has dedicated special attention to online buyers creating a staff for
home-delivery and customer care

9th January 2015 - SENHENG invested RM 33mil in a New Central Distribution Centre (CDC)
to enhance SENHENG's services in distribution.
Buzz Marketing
Viral Marketing
1) Traditional Marketing
e.g : Press, TVC, Radio Adv,
2) Online Marketing
Social Media
e.g: youtube,Facebook
Mobile Application
Marketing Communication
Branding & Added Values
Partnership with financial institution
Product's Advertising
Seasonal Promotions - Mother's Day
(TVC - Youtube * Father's day)
Vouchers giveaway / Member's Day / Member's privilege - Customer Loyalty; Plus One membercard
Anniversary promotions
- SENHENG 25th Anniversary
Associate with services providers/vendors
- to enhance product's features & increase product purchase
Grand Opening Sales/Stock Clearance (Stores)
- On-ground Marketing
Festive Campaign:
Catalogue, Direct Mail, Radio adv, TVC, online, etc. (ATL & BTL)
Promotion comprises elements such as: Advertising, Public relations, Personal selling and Sales promotion.
covers any communication that is paid for, from cinema commercials, radio and Internet advertisements through print media and billboards.
Public relations
is where the communication is not directly paid for and includes press releases, sponsorship deals, exhibitions, conferences, seminars or trade fairs and events.
is any apparently informal communication about the product by ordinary individuals, satisfied customers or people specifically engaged to create word of mouth momentum.

Sponsorship deals
SENHENG Gift card redemption with AirAsia Big
- Launched in April 2015
Customer Loyalty Programs
- Plus One Card
- Plus One Lady Card
- Plus One Corporate Card
Associate with Easy-Pay for an additional services in-store
Creative Strategy & Media Strategy
Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)
IMC is the practice of unifying:
All Marketing Tools
The Message from the Marketing Mix decisions
in order to send consistent message to promote the
Key Component
Making ideas and image
Brand image cannot be copied
Perception loaded with character & emotions
Develop and enhance
brand's image
Customer loyalty
Educate customer on theirs beliefs & attitudes (e.g: For New Products)
Enhance purchase actions
Encourage repeat purchase
Perception and outlook of the company:
Evolve & Innovate To Cater All Level of Customers Needs & Enhances Shopping Experiences.

Product Attributes:
Reliable & Trustworthy Brands
Product User:
Individual to Group (Family)
'Over the past few years, Senheng® has been through many changes. These changes were made to better serve you, our customers. Even though the future has yet to unfold, we are ready to adopt for changes necessary to meet your needs and provide enhanced shopping experience for you.'
Source: www.senheng.com
Brand Image
Publicly apology to the customers on the recent mistake of the price discrepancy found in some of SENHENG's showroom before and after the recent GST implementation.
(By action) :
To compensate the price differences where applicable.

The price revision was mainly due to the currency depreciation and inevitably we have to adjust the price around 4%.

Date: 26 June 2015
Corporate Society Responsibility (CSR)
Payment Methods
Convenience & Additional Benefits for customers with more choices.
Since 2010
North Ulu Segama, Sabah
Collaboration with WWF Malaysia
Every purchase of selected Inverter air-conditioner at any Senheng or senQ outlets, SenHeng will plant a tree at North Ulu Segama, Sabah
Sponsored 6-Lucky winners a trip to Sabah for I-Plant-A-Tree Campaign
Recognized by Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) and the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysi
SS Junior Badminton Scholarship (2010)
- Selected 10players from Championship
SS Junior Badminton Fund Raising Programme 2012
Szechuan Earthquake Fund Raising (2008) -RM202,898
Rumah Hope Adoption (2000)
- Duration of 3 years, 57 orphans where provided with food, clothing and education.
Bio-Degradable Plastic Bag (Since 2003)
Eco-Friendly Designer Shopping Bag (2009)
- a talented local designer
- Senheng invited Miss Tourism International 2009 from an astonishing 46 countries to be the ambassadors.
Free Mask Giveaway (2013)
All outlets free mask distribution for Children below 12 years old - 20,000pcs
Collaborated with Sin Chew Daily - 20,000pcs
Since December, 2013
Two ways (2 Category- Bulky items & Non-Bulky items):
1st way is to be done at outlet collection which is an e-waste walk in
2nd way is home collection which involved e-waste on site.
PlusOne Warranty
One-to-One Replacement Warranty
V-Care Extended Warranty
H-Care Home Content
(Travel, Motor, H-Care, Home Personal Care)
More Care Plans

(Plus Male Cancer Care, Plus Hospital Income Plan, Snatch Guard Plan, Burglary Guard Plan, Plus Broken Bones PA, Plus Female Cancer Care, Plus Accident Hospital Guard, Critical Illness)
Standard Installation
SENHENG Stores (Malaysia):
East Coast
Kelantan - 5
Terengganu - 3
Pahang - 4

Johor - 6
Malacca - 3
N. Sembilan - 4
Souce: http://www.senheng.com.my
Perlis - 1
Kedah - 4
Penang - 6
Perak - 15

Selangor &
Kuala Lumpur - 31
Sabah- 4
Sarawak - 3
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