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English V presentation

A different travel ... mongolia

Gonzalo Besuievsky

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of English V presentation

English V presentation
Most of travel tours are well organized and predictable somehow
Would you like to go an alternative place ?
What about visiting and designing a tour in a country where half of the population is nomade ?
Preparing the trip ...
What do you want to visit ?
What kind of tour ?
Get a good guide to plan it !
A possible route ...
Visit Ulaanbaatar
Visit Goby desert: south
Visit Central Mongolia
Visit the ancient capital of the empire: Kharakhorum
1.5 M population: half of the country
caothic, diversity and verry courious
Gobi desert
Sand dunes
Dinosaur fosils
Camel ride
Central Mongolia
National Parks
Horse ride
Hiking around the lake
Gengis Kahn capital
Budist monastery
Met nomadic families
Nature and Mountains
The car ...
an old but strong russian wan
with an expert driver
for a very bumpy path
No roads !
The gers ... and the bathroom
The villages ...
Final recomendations
take some books to read
reflect on which things are really esentials in our life ...
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