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CoderDojo, Constructionism and Maths

No description

LIT Tipperary

on 6 September 2015

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Transcript of CoderDojo, Constructionism and Maths

The only rule
Constructionism, Coderdojo and Mathematics
Pam O’Brien

October 12th 2013

EU Parliament
Every Dojo is different
It is up to dojo leaders and mentor skills, what code is taught.
Combination of mentor led tutorials and/or peer-peer /independent learning.
Some run Saturdays, others weekday evenings.
2-3 hour sessions.
Dojo’s capacity ranges from 12 to 100+ kids.
Guide age of 7-17 years.
Free computer club for kids interested in learning how to code.

Founded by James Whelton and investor Bill Liao in Cork in July 2011.

80+ Dojos across Ireland, 25+ countries across world.

Alice in Wonderland
Scratch Networking
Scottish Parliament
CoderDojo at Irish Pa

12 yr old Harry Moran from Cork named the world’s youngest app developer whose game Pizzabot surpassed Angry Birds and Call of Duty to make it to the top of the app charts in November 2011.
CoderDojo Ninjas
Scratch – developed by MIT for kids.

SmallBasic – A new visual IDE for kids based on MSBasic

HTML and CSS – the basic building blocks for websites.

JavaScript – used to handle website user interaction.

Arduino – Open Source hardware programed in C.

Java – mobile, software, game development.

PHP – Dynamic web applications. *All Free software

13 year old entrepreneur Shane Curran from Dublin, CEO of Libramatic
concerned with learning through the counstruction of personally meaningful artefacts
Open source Java programming environment to allow users to code virtual robots
CoderDojo in action
Direction Robot is facing
Position of robot relative to your robot
Contact details

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