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This is a project I did for PIG. It is about recycling and what more the government can do to promote it.

Becky Brien

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Recycling

Survey Results 99 total participants Question 1: How often do you recycle? Question 2: Do you believe recycling is important to the environment? Question 3: Do you believe you could have an impact as one person if you recycled as much as you could? Question 4: Could jobs be created if recycling in America is expanded? Question 5: What percentage of American waste ends up in landfills? Question 6: Where can you get a blue bin in the town of Camillus? Question 7: Are they free? Question 8: Have you ever heard of OCRRA? Setting a good example Recycling Results: “If every American household recycled just one out of every ten bottles they used, we would keep 200 million pounds of plastic out of landfills every year.” (2012 Insight) 9 reported that recycling is important, yet only recycled on occasion
Most of the people who haven't heard of OCRRA don't recycle as often as they can 10-20 30-40 50-60 70-80
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