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How Hadrian Became a Roman Emperor

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Sebastian Askar

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of How Hadrian Became a Roman Emperor

How Hadrian Became A Roman Emperor ?
Roman Emperor Hadrian
By: Sebastian Askar

Dates he lived: Born: January 14, 76 C.E. Died: July 10, 138 C.E.
Dates he ruled: From: 117 C.E.
Until: 138 C.E.

Hadrian became a Roman Emperor because back when he was a military tribune, he followed Emperor Trajan's beliefs, polocies, and goals. Before Emperor Trajan died, he selected Hadrian as his successor. Once Emperor Trajan died, Hadrian took the throne
The Enemy's Hadrian Had During His Reign
1. When Harian invaded Southern Britian, they had to fight against the fierce Picts who were from Scotland. The Romans destroyed them, in every way. The Picts have always been against the Roman Empire, and that's what lead Hadrian to build a wall on the border of Southern Britian so the Romans were protected from Scotland.

2. The Jews were another enemy of Rome because Hadrian forbade castration and circumcision. Also the Jews were forbidden to mutilate their genitals. That's what caused the war between Rome and Judea. It was very difficult to convert the Jews to a different religion.

Three Important Events That Occured During Emperor Hadrian's Reign
1. Emperor Hadrian built a wall to protect Southern Britian from the Picts.
2. Hadrian really focused on architecture, during his reign he built the Pantheon in Rome. For that time, building something like the Pantheon was quite advanced.
3. Hadrian also built a villa at Tivoli, the villa was breathtaking, and it was a resort. The villa was closed to Rome.
What Did Emperor Hadrian Do That Was Beneficial To The People Of Rome ?
Emperor Hadrian's focus was more towards the people of Rome than himself. Emperor Hadrian was really big on protecting the vast empire. Emperor Hadrian built walls to protect the Roman Borders, also he built many buildings that were unbelievable such as the Pantheon.
What Did Emperor Hadrian Do That Was Detrimental For The People Of Rome?
Actually Emperor Hadrian is known as one of the five good Roman Emperors. Hadrian didn't try to harm the Roman People, Hadrian's decisions were based on how it is going to be beneficial for the people of Rome.
The One Thing Emperor Hadrian Is Best Known For?
Emperor Hadrian is best known for his architecture, especially for the Pantheon. The Pantheon was so gorgeous in every perspective, the Pantheon was very complicated to build. Also Emperor Hadrian's walls to protect the borders were amazing.
How Did Emperor Hadrian End His Rule Of The Empire?
Emperor Hadrian died from heart failure, and that's what ended his rule. Emperor Hadrian's final days were quite painful, and he even begged his attendants to end his life.
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