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Sebastian Rodriguez Cermeno

No description

Bethlehem G.

on 3 February 2017

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Transcript of Sebastian Rodriguez Cermeno

Sebastian Rodriguez Cermeno
By Betty and Emma
Sebastian tried to explore the California coast but failed to find a protected harbor. But he did manage to do a good job at mapping the coast. He started to sail ships to trade between the Philippines and New Spain.
Sebastian was born in Portugal. He was a good navigator. He set sail to trade March, 1594. He set sail with a small amount of boats and a launch. The boat left Manila July 5, 1595.
They saw land near the border of California and Oregon. But a ferocious storm lied in their path. They all wanted to go back to Acapulco, except Sebastian. He sailed farther up the coast, then stayed in a small bay. He named it Le Baya De Francisco, now called Drake's Bay.
Sebastian charted a lot about California's coast. But he lost his main boat and 12 sailors. But the remaining 7 still survived, heading back to Acapulco in January 1596.
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