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what is a statistical question?

No description

Mr. Parke

on 24 February 2017

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Transcript of what is a statistical question?

What is statistical question?
''A statistical question is any question that can be answered using data that may very. Any question that is answered with a single number is not considered a statistical question.''
wrong way:
What year is it?

This is not a statistical question because it only has one answer , statistical questions usually have multiple answers. You also don't need to collect data there for it is not a statistical question.
fun facts:
where first used around 1749.
Sir William petty
,a 17nth century economist used early statistics to analyze demographic data.
Ronald fisher
was a genius who almost single handed created the foundation of modern statistical science
In 1834
there was a society called Royal Statistical Society.
right way:
What proportion of students at your school like watermelons?

This is a statistical question because you can collect or find information to help find your answer.
what is a statistical question?
by:willow patten

This was the original logo the royal statistical society.
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