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A-Industrial Revolution 5

For this Presentation you will take the canvas, add to it and create your own path to tell your own story.

Molly Smith

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of A-Industrial Revolution 5

Britain's Experience Silas Marner spinning jenny coal deposits railroads mercantilism Cotton Foreign Trade Factories Fielding/Agriculture When Silas came back to his hometown, it was full of factories and nothing that used to be. It had all been industrialized. Government A machine invented by Hargrave,
that enabled workers to spin cotton The lack of war with other countries or civil created peace, so the government allowed the domestic economy to operate freely (without control) which led to to technological changes and a free market A system of economic regulations focused
on increasing the power of the state open field system more food! self sufficient economy move more stuff, faster, go anywhere
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