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7th grade prezi presentation block 1 paul harris

No description

Carolyn Meyer

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of 7th grade prezi presentation block 1 paul harris

In 7th grade its natural that you want people to like you.So I know how Micheal and Victor.This is from pg.258 This is from p.162 Victor speaks spanish and Micheal does to.Victor likes Thresa and he want to date.Micheal likes to scowl at girls.Victor has a hard time in math. This is from page 267.Yes it is belivable but its a ittle diffrent from my 7th grade.I also dont scowl at girls. Eletive something you dont have to do VOCAB Propelled go thru with somthing Coviction a certain belif Lingred stay on something for a while

Sheeepisly embbarsed
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