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Career Development

No description

Dr Peter Carey

on 3 January 2015

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Transcript of Career Development

What is Career Development?
Managing life, learning and work
How do we assist students to manage their life, learning and work?
Managing Life

Provide them with an opportunity to reflect on "who they are", their weaknesses and strengths, to explore the roles in the community
Assist students to be literate and numerate
Assist students to feel good about themselves
Assist students to be a good corporate citizen
Assist students to be an active participant in the community
Assist students to be a lifelong learner
Assist students to be resilient
e.g. the ICT Capability
The Australian Curriculum is underpinned by seven (7) General Capabilities. These are:

• Literacy
• Numeracy
• ICT Capability
• Critical and creative thinking
• Ethical behaviour
• Personal and social capability
• Intercultural understanding.
What are the General Capabilities?
A tool for helping people develop over the lifespan
The Australian Curriculum General Capabilities is

a significant tool

for creating a

Career Development culture

in the school setting from K to 12.
A Significant Tool
Career Development

21st Century Learner

Managing life, learning and work in a changing and unpredictable world
General Capabilities
The notion of General Capabilities is not new! …

From a Broader Perspective…
What are the General Capabilities?
Capabilities to develop their own person- their God- centred gifts
Identified where they offer opportunities
Where Can I Find More Information About the General Capabilities?

Manage Learning
Assist students to develop the lifelong learning skills, e.g.: flexibility, problem solving, time management, coordination ...
Assist students to develop critical and creative thinking skills.
Assist students to develop social and personal traits
Assist students to navigate the curriculum to achieve lifelong choices
Encourage students to take responsibility for ones learning and career development
Managing Work

Assist students to plan, explore and make decisions about life, learning and work assisted through the participation in individual pathway plans, transition planning and exit plans.
Assist students to develop career management (life long learning) skills.
We help students to:
In Australia, there are a number of existing arrangements to address general capabilities/non-technical skills:

Employability Skills Framework
used in the VET sector.
Graduate Attributes
developed by universities.
Australian Core Skills Framework
, foundation skills for life, learning and the workforce.
The Australian Blueprint for Career Development
, which addresses career management skills considered essential for life long learning.
Australian Qualifications Framework
, which spans all education and training sectors, also referring to categories of Generic Skills.
In schools - the
Overarching Outcomes
, WA Curriculum Framework, and now replaced by the
General Capabilities
that form part of the new Australian Curriculum for schools.

"They are the knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions that will assist students to live and work as successful independent learners and as active, confident, creative and informed individuals (Shape of the Australian Curriculum". – ACARA, December 2010).

The Australian Curriculum General Capabilities are those capabilities deemed essential to assist students ‘manage their life, learning and work’ throughout their lifespan.
The Capabilities in the Learning Areas
The General Capabilities s
hould be addressed through the learning areas
should be identified
where they offer opportunities to
add depth and richness to student learning
in the content.


Resource Support – C.N.A. Scootle

Username: <surname.firstname> Password: <your CathEdNet email password>
Go to http://ims.cathednet.wa.edu.au
Developing the whole person

Career Development is "the process of
managing life
over the lifespan”.

It’s not just about occupations …
It's not
just for
year 11 and 12 students.
It's not just for those students doing VET.

It's about
helping students to take responsibility
for their own life, learning and work from
Foundation to throughout their lifespan.

It's about
assisting students to develop
those lifelong learning skills essential for living in a rapidly changing and unpredictable world.

It's the acceptance of the notion of lifelong learning.
Access to Australian Curriculum Resources and its General Capabilities
List those competencies that you are already covering from the
Blueprint in your classroom practice
using TodaysMeet ...
Career Management Skills

Go to page
identify which Blueprint competencies you are already covering in your current classroom practice ...
Key lifelong learning Skills
Become familiar with the:
What distinguishing statements can you make between the similarities or differences between the General Capabilities and the Career Management Skills? How can you foster the development of these
in your classroom everyday?

Why Career Management Skills are Important!
All these frameworks refer to generic skills/capabilities across the lifespan.

to answer
Lifelong Learning Skills
Carol Fallon, Banksia Park School
General Capabilities
How to use AnswerGarden
How to use Padlet
How are you covering the General Capabilities currently in your learning area?

Collaborate using TodaysMeet
How to use TodaysMeet


Make explicit the
Career Development
(its career management skills) and the Australian Curriculum
General Capabilities.
Workshop Intent
Career Development and
the 21st Century Learner

The difference with the "career management skills", is that they give the student the power and motivation to take responsibility and do it their way. This is a key element in Career Development. It is more motivating than having someone else define the skills 'that are good for them'.
The end result is the same... students develop a core of the transferable skills or attributes to assist them manage life, learning and work over the lifespan in a rapidly changing and unpredictable world.
Career Development in the Classroom
A Practical Model
Shannon Carty and I have created a Model of Contemporary Learning based on Career Development called Exploring Roles in the Community.
We used the various frameworks when planning for the unit.
You can access this
resource via Scootle. Peter will now show you how to login to Scootle and access this fantastic unit of work.
It is about:
helping students determine the type of person they want to become.
assisting students reach their fully potential ... their Christ-given gifts.
to assist students become good citizens, actively participating in society in a socially responsible way.
to assist students enjoy 'the good life' ... to enjoy psychological success.
to assist students become 'successful independent learners and active, confident, creative and informed individuals'.
Classroom activities
Explain why it is important to assist students to understand the
significance of developing strong capabilities for the future
Are these not the
responsibility of all teachers?

Why does Career Development Matter?

Renee George, St Brigid's School
The General Capabilities are located at:
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