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As goes your downtown

No description

Jen Ly

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of As goes your downtown

As goes your so goes your downtown city EEDC Our Vision The goal of the Quality of Life Team is to transform Edmonton into Why Downtown? 1.Identity
2.Economic Hub
5.core Downtown's are most often a visitors first impression -- they define the local identity and values of the community to outsiders. why #2 To improve our downtown,
we must understand we got to our present state how so we can create a better future 1945 - The Place To Be Post World War II, Edmonton experienced an economic upturn as veterans returned, and oil was discovered near Leduc. Jasper Avenue was the place to be and be seen at. Many dressed in their finest as they walked uptown Let's go back.... 1940 2010 2005 2002 March (cc) image by jantik on Flickr 1980s - City of Malls 1960s - Great Growth, Great Buildings Due to high oil prices, Edmonton continued to prosper. Edmonton built its first sky scraper, the CN tower. However, investment downtown is steadily declining and growing outwards. 1950s - Hollowing out Edmonton begins to see a hollowing out of its core, due to veterans starting families and world events such as the Cold War. The first mall in Edmonton, Westmount, is built. People continue to move out of the core. West Edmonton Mall is built, taking much of the investment and commercial activities away from the core. 1984 - A Blueprint for the 21st Century The city creates a long term plan for downtown, beginning with investment into key catalyst areas, along with concurrent investment into surrounding areas. A number of downtown associations were created between businesses, aimed at improving downtown. Whats unique about Edmonton's plan is that the city understands that investments cannot change a city in a short period of time.... Edmonton invests in a select number of projects, focusing on a key element each time, and always for the long term. Create A Urban Cultural Hub Churchill Square Alberta Art Gallery Citadel Theater Winspear Centre Population Growth Condo Projects Office Space LRT expansion Walkable Streets Green Space & Vibrancy local businesses School growth Waterfront Development of Churchill Square Building of Winspear Centre Building of City Hall 1997 - Capital City Downtown Plan Development of Louise McKinney Park in the River Valley Removal of CN tracks ... small Construction of Grant MacEwan
Downtown Campus An update to the 1984 plan, now with more emphasis on population growth in the core. The revitalization of 104 Street added over 1000 new people to the core in condo towers and recycled warehouses. The $4500/Door incentive drove the
proliferation of condo buildings in
Railtown and other surrounding areas,
leading to an increase of 6000 people
to the core. Phase 1 of West Edmonton Mall was open in 1983 The Mayor asks Joe Shoctor to blue ribbon Task Force for the Heart of Our City, which lead to the creation of PRIDE.... Program to improve Downtown Edmonton 2010 - An Update to Capital City Downtown Plan New developments in the core, and policy changes in the City's strategic plan resulted in a revamping of the Plan, starting in 2005 and approved in 2010. 1985 - Downtown Business Association was formed 1986 - Downtown Development Corporation was formed Jasper Avenue Street scape Improvements Rewrites of Bylaws Construction of a new Art Gallery Construction of Rice Howard Way 2001 2012
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