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Mobile phones and Smart phone

By Nudaar

Howard Battersby

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Mobile phones and Smart phone

Mobile phones and Smart phone
By Nudaar Gopee 8.7
History of phones
Dr Martin Copper was the inventor of the first portable phone handset in 1973.
This is what i think should be the future development.
I think that this would be future development of mobile phones because it is touch screen and it has a key board and a mouse that is really good.
Another future development
This is a phone that shows everything so it’s a pop up phone so everything that is on the phone it pops up and I think it is a good idea.
Phones in the past was not that good beacuse of style the things in there but the phones here now is good beacuse of the style and the things in there and the quality is also good but back then they wasnt good.

Phones are important eg somebody is hurt and also if you need the police for something also if there is an emergency you can call on your phone.
time line of mobile phones
first mobile phone on sale
first mobile phone with camera
intorduction of blackberry
first gaming mobile
first apple iphone
first google android mobile
I hope you like my prezi thank you for watching
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