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F1 in schools

this is actural one to urn points by the kind pepole who exzamin us!

Benjamin Hetherington

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of F1 in schools

Our Business Plan
Number 2 Flaming Eagles By: Benjamin, Alexander, Mohamed, Saleh and Hasan! Firstly, it has a picture of a flaming eagle which is our team name.
Also, we have used clear text to show our team name.
Lastly, because it is a PNG. First off, we have full intention on missing our brakes as much as needed to get the job done.
Secondly, we will spend late afternoons at school getting the job done.
Next, we are prepared to do our F1 work out of school as needed.
Lastly, we are completely open to organise fundraisers out of school to support our F1 team. Meet The Team About The Team Why Did We Create This Specific Logo? What We’re Prepared To Do Our Goal The Flaming Eagles are a group of year 6’s from Jumeirah Primary School, classes B and C that came together to participate in Formula 1 in schools. Our goal is to race against the other F1 teams in our school and against other teams in the United Arab Emirates. Not to mention we want to have a spectacular time and have lots of fun while winning all our matches! To be organized and successfully develop a business plan.
Create a successful car and a inspiring presentation.
Design a uniform for our team.
Earn at least 2 sponsors for our amazing team.
Finally, win as many races as we can. Sponsors Logo name and job Same back and front for pants sponsors Our Ideas For Car sponsors Wing to make
car faster Logo Slivery
Black Color Red Dear …. (<- company name)
I am writing this letter to you to see if your extraordinary company will sponsor our team for the Formula 1 (F1) inter schools challenge. Our team is called the Flaming Eagles, and our mission right now is to secure sponsorship.
As part of that challenge we are required to:
Create a budget
Develop a business plan
Obtain sponsorship
Design and build a miniature F1 car
Compete against other teams
Why should you sponsor us? Well, that is easy to answer. Our team is extremely organized and committed to this project and we are determined to work as a team and get the job done to the best of our ability. We want to win and we are prepared to put in the hard work.
What we require from you? We are seeking financial sponsorship to the value of … ( amount).
What we are offering to you? We are offering your company and logo branding on our team uniform and also a lovely spot on our draw dropping F1 car.

Please give this serious consideration and we look forward to your positive response.

Yours faithfully
Flaming Eagles Proposed E-mail To Sponsors Actual E-mail To Sponsors Our Sponsors Our sponsors are the same amazing company with different products however, both different products have decided to sponsor us. As they have two different logo’s (Underneath this text represents there logo’s). How did we urn these outstanding sponsors? First of all Hasan’s and Benjamin’s dad have contact to the owner, also Benjamin’s dad has contact to the manager as well . How do we have contact to them? To start off with Hasan’s family bought a house in Dubai and have kindly offered the house to the owner of Pepsi (witch means Hasan’s dad has his email and knowledge about him). On the other hand Benjamin’s dad has helped the factory and knows a lot about there products, how they work, what the company is like and so on. Having asked our beloved parent's if we could kindly send an email to both the owner and manager(you can see the email we sent on the following slide). Our results was a big fat yes! Our Business
Plan Number 1 Our Ideas
For Uniform Our Team Work The Flaming Eagles have amazing, loyalty and responsible workers such as: Benjamin is the graphic designer as you know already but is also extremely good with computer worker and is great at his speeches and words, Hasan is an amazing manager as well as a fantastic team helper as he helps the team with everything for example one of us can not think of basic design of the T-shirt, well Hasan will be there to help. Saleh is a fantastic at his job as a design engineer because instead of mucking around (which none of do) is sits down thinks and does some hard desiccant work(as we all do), but especial Saleh. How Will We Successfully Create Our Car? For starters we are using an incredible software called solid works wich is very basic and easy for every one even in the other groups to use. Manufacturing Engineer
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