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Do we find or create our true selves?

No description

Madeline Alvey

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Do we find or create our true selves?

Do we find or create our true selves?
We do not find or create our true selves, not exactly. Instead we take a self base, some person with certain talents and loads of potential, and mold it into a hundred different selves, creating the person we are with our friends, our family. We find a self within us that is irritable, and one that is charitable. We take one person and find parts of that person, and make others.
Primary Sources
Secondary Sources
"Someday" Tegan and Sara
Hayden Panettiere for Got Milk
This ad targets teens and the lure is the actress. The ad is indeed about being healthy, but the way that this particular ad is done shows a girl acting sexy with...milk? It seems as if the idea is to structure the ad one way (utilizing fame and beauty in this case) and then people are convinced.
Kanaya Maryam is a character from the webcomic Homestuck. She's strong, and cares quite a bit about her friends. She is very loyal, and very elegant. All things that I would love to be. She enjoys sewing and reading, these also being things that I like. Finally, she's gay. It can be difficult to find lesbian characters who aren't crazy.
Kanaya Maryam
"Self Portrait"
The interesting thing is that there are so many selves for everyone who exists or ever has. There isn't ever a clear picture either of who everyone really is. There are seveal paintings with the same title, all self portraits and none of them the same. Something is hidden in each one.
"Girl At Mirror"
It's hard to grow up. Especially when you aren not what you think that you should be. This girl is just emulating what she sees, just trying to fit in. Perhaps that is all that people do, is try to fit in.
"The Fitting"
The girl here looks displeased,maybe a bit bored. She's having a beautiful gown fitted and she doesn't care, she's really just not that into it. She's not trying to fit in. I wonder what she's thinking about instead.
Kanaya Maryam
Hayden Panittiere Ad
"Someday" Tegan and Sara
"Self Portrait"
"The Fitting"
"Girl at Mirror"
Computer Kid
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