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Brazil and Costa Rica by Mallory Hoekwater

No description

Curt DeYoung

on 21 March 2018

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Transcript of Brazil and Costa Rica by Mallory Hoekwater

My Latin american vacation
Grand Rapids Brazil Costa-Rica
by Mallory hoekwater
Country facts
Total prices for the trip
for three flights $8,973.42

Brazil hotel and spa $846

Costa Rica Backpacking $2,067

Total for trip $11,886.42

designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Day #1
Day #2
Day #3

The last day here we went to go ziplining on a tour.
It was over 4 hours long but worth it, it cost 58 dollars per person.
We went through a dense forest and saw hundreds of types of birds.
We also went right through a canyon.
We then had to quikly get back the resort to pack our bags and continue our journrye in Costa Rica.

Day #4
Day #5
place: Grand Rapids to Brazil
place: Iguazu Fall and then back to the resort
place: Brazil and ready to leave for Costa Rica
place: from Brazil to Costa Rica
place: La Fortuna Falls
Capital: Brazillia
Language: Portuguese
Population: 200.7 million people
Food: feijoada and quindim
Weather: 80-86 degrees fahrenheit

Costa Rica~
Capital: San Jose
Language: Spanish
Population:4.857 million people
Food: gallo pinto and ceviche
Weather: 80-86 degrees fahrenheit

Day #6
place: Chato Valcano
Day #7
place:Arenal Nature Park,
Thanks for watching/reading/viewing
I hope you have enjoyed this short prezi :0 ;)
First we took a plane to San Jose, in Costa Rica
When we got there we took a cab to La Fortuna, just northwest of San Jose
When we got there we checked in at the backpacking resort where we booked our rooms for 4 days
We checked into our rooms then relaxed for the rest of the day after our travels
The next day we went out for a fancy lunch then left for a backpaking trip to a water fall
The waterfall was 200 ft. and was beautiful
We stayed there for almost the rest of the day and ate dinner at a resort nearby
We then had to hike back to the previous resort before night fall came
The next morning we decided to leave early to visit the Chato valcano since we knew the way since it was near the waterfall
We rode horses to save time instead of hiking\We had a tour guide and hiked halfd wat up the valcanoe
this took all day but was defintually worth it
After a good sleep after the tour we wanted to visit the Arenal Nature Ecological Park
There we saw many of Costa Ricsas animals and different species
After the park we went back to the resort and packed all of our bags and souviners to head home back to Grand Rapids.
The first day we flew from Grand Rapids to the Foz do Iguaçu airport
We got into a taxi and rode down to a hotel which was only 12 minutes away, it was called Bourbon Cataratas spa and resort
We were going to stay there for 3 days
After we checked in, we got seaweed wraps and facials
We decided to relax for the rest of the day.

The second day here we went to a huge waterfall called Iguazu falls.
We had to take a bus which was 80 pesos.
The fall was huge and gorgeous, the light reflects off the falls and makes a rainbows.
The water would plummet hundreds of feet to make a loud crash as it hit the rocks below.
The bridge they had lead us out until we were almost touching the falls.
We had to leave after hours of being there to get back to the hotel before dark

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