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Telework Week @ FAA

No description

Kristina Harris

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Telework Week @ FAA

What are the Benefits of Telework?
Enhance Your Work/Life Balance
Reduce Emissions - Shorter Commute to Work!
Maximize Space Utilization
Improve Efficiencies & Productivity
Continuity of Operations (emergency, weather, building closures, etc.)

How Do I Get Started?
1.) DISCUSS Interest with Manager:

Determine if your position is telework-eligible

Highlight the mutual benefits of telework

Strategize a work plan; how you will report progress on tasks, maximize your strengths when it comes to productivity

How Do I Get Started?
Tips for Establishing Your
Home Office
Dedicate a space to establish as your new "office"
Utilize a stable work surface, such as a desk or dining room table
Ensure proper lighting to minimize strain on your eyes
Ensure steady connectivity to your internet service
Utilize ergonomic practices to maintain high levels of productivity and avoid injuries
Have a landline or cell phone available to make or receive calls
Telework is an
Employee Benefit!
Your New Commute
Explore the Benefits
of Teleworking &
Map Out Your
New Commute!

2.) COMPLETE Telework Training (Managers and Employees) and TeleworkAgreement
Go to my.faa.gov/go/telework

3.) SUBMIT Telework Agreement to Your Manager
for Approval

4.) Ensure Telework Eligibility status is updated in FPPS

5.) ENTER the Telework code into CASTLE each time submit your T&A
If your position is telework-eligible, we encourage you to maximize your productivity and increase your work/life balance.

Go to my.faa.gov/go/telework for the latest guidance, training and forms to get started.
Enjoy Your New Commute!
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