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CB2601 Marketing Jia Duo Bao

No description

Kiri Wong

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of CB2601 Marketing Jia Duo Bao

Analysis JDB Company Marketing
Objective CB2601 Marketing Jia Duo Bao Marketing Objective
SWOT Mission: Increase the Kwan Mei Yee(53023082)
Lau Cheuk Hin(52709870)
Lau Ka Wa(53019019)
Law Ka Ling(53018103)
Wong Ka Ki(53033917)
Yim Wai Kit(53028225) Agenda Recommendation Marketing Objective
Marketing Schedule Company
Analysis Relying on the endeavor
Being success promoting distinctive products
--> Become the world’s brand
--> Raise the awareness of Chinese traditional culture Marketing Objective To increase the popularity in Hong Kong
--> Build up an international brand Target
Market Undifferentiated Marketing Position Mainland China A famous company
The leader in herbal tea industry Hong Kong Healthy image Current 4Ps (Hong Kong) Price: Average price ($5-8/can)
Place: Supermarket and Convenience Shop
Promotion: Seldom
Product: The aluminum bottle, One taste Environment
Analysis Political
Analysis CEPA Implement business-friendly laws
Eliminate the tax of goods trade
between Hong Kong and Mainland
Lower the products' price The Minimum Wage Policy Increase the labour cost Monitor the Safety and Quality Strictly Economical
Analysis High purchasing power Hong Kong contains many business administration talents Help for managing the company well
May enhance the company's profitability High inflation in Hong Kong Increase the production cost Sociocultural
Analysis Hong Kong people raise their awareness of health Change their consuming behaviour
Consume more healthy drinks Traditional conception of the elderly The youth do not get familiar with herbal drinks Technological
Analysis Patent Protection Avoid the same product or trademark existing in Hong Kong market Hong Kong contains lots of high-technology labour Help organizing online business and promotion Social media is a common way to promote Competitor Analysis (Direct to healthy drinks) Position (Healthworks) Industry Perspective: All drinks
Coca-Cola, Lemon tea, etc. Market Perspective: (Indirect) (Hoi Tin Tong) (Hung Fook Tong) (Sensa Cools) Consumer
Analysis Major Segment Geographic Country: China, Europe, America Region: Mainland China and Hong Kong Lifestyle: Casual Personality: Conventional Behavioral Benefit Sought: Cure some diseases because of internal heat and improve the metabolism Existing
Target Main Focus: Mainland China
Healthy life-styled people Buying
Behavior Variety-seeking buying behavior (Consumers have low involvement
and there are significant brand differences) --> Have unique prescription and utility Low price               No information searching before buying Significant differences for the products Low
involvement Characteristics Affecting
Consumer Behavior Family and friends Culture: Values traditional Chinese medicine Culture shifting: Shift to looking for convenience Subculture: Southern Chinese including Hong Kong citizens like drinking herbal tea look for health Social: Personal: Perception: “If you are afraid of internal heat, drink Jia Dou Bao” Remember the slogan deeply Age and life-cycle: e.g. Teenagers don’t like bitter drinks --> JDB tastes relatively sweet Lifestyle: Eat something unhealthy Psychological: SWOT
Analysis Recommendation Popularity teenagers within More focus on Hong Kong
Target young people who care about their health Targeting Current: Target people in Mainland China, less focus on Hong Kong New: (Purchasing Power, Social Network) New Positioning Statement To busy, energetic teenagers who need to have a healthy metabolic system, Jia Duo Bao is a convenient herbal tea that provide the most valuable ingredients to improve your internal body function. Positioning
Strategy Impression Convenient
Customer Caring Convenient
Healthy Image After Change: Existing: 4Ps Selling in Convenience Shops
$7/500ml bottle
$5-8/can (remains unchanged)

For Barbecue sites and Hotpot shops
(New Co-operation)
Allow credit sales
If purchase > 2500 cans monthly
--> Provide 10% discount Price New package of herbal drinks Price Fulfill various customers‘ needs and favour
Provide more choices
Bring convenience for the youngsters 1. more columns for
the drinks on store shelves
in supermarket and
convenience shops Promotion Promotion 3. Advertisement Use story to promote the product (Mini Movie)
Via Facebook , YouTube
Endorsers: G.E.M. Aim at targeting young people Download the app (e.g. Wechat)
Get the coupon
Join free trial campaign in MongKok Promotion 2. Free-giving FREE if
add friend
in WeChat!! 加多寶 4. Establish a Facebook Fans Page Promotion Announce the campaign or promotion
Show the location which can buy Jia Duo Bao Increase JDB's exposure rate to enhance its brand recognition

People recognize JDB's brand and product and its medical effect

Consumers no longer get confused with the brand between
JDB and Wong Lo Kat

Make good use of social media Benefits 1. Market share (More places to sell)
2. Recognition to the youths
3. Let the youths have more chances to try Jia Duo Bao can avoid internal heat and notice that it is effective Place Supermarkets
Convenience shops Barbecue Sites
Chinese Restaurants with Hotpot Current: New: Cooperate with REASONS: Product Design: Red can
Feature: A drink can avoid internal heat Core benefit: Actual product: Health and Convenience Product The only traditional Chinese herbal tea
with specialized formula
(National Intangible Cultural Heritage) Brands: Suggest people to recycle the can after drinking
(Social Responsibility) Thank YOU!! Marketing Schedule END
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