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"A Place Where The Sea Remembers" Conflicts

No description

Claire Diga

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of "A Place Where The Sea Remembers" Conflicts

- Fired from his job as a salad maker by Don Gustavo
- Unable to keep promise of taking in Marta's child
Marta Rodriguez
- Raped and impregnated
- Her husband runs away
- Was told by Chayo that she'd take care of her kid, but then was betrayed and went to put a curse to try and kill the baby by don Pico Lara
- Even though Chayo and her are not on good terms, Chayo takes care of her son for awhile, but he ends up drowning.
- Breaks her promise to take care of Marta's baby
- Unable to get pregnant until after saying she could take care of Marta's baby
- Her and Marta get mad at each other.
Cesar and Beto
Both have lost many members of their family.
- Sneaks around to take pictures of famous masked wrestlers without their masks.
- Gets ride by the gringo, but gets kicked out later on
The Gringo
- Offers ride to Fulgencio, but kicks him out because he's suspicious.
"A Place Where The Sea Remembers" Conflicts
Candelario Marroquín
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