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VersaCorp Presentation

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Emmanuel Perez

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of VersaCorp Presentation

Developers of the future PHCC Foundation Photo by NASA, Public Domain Nurture a Life Change a Community Transform a Future Become the Driving force Leave a Lasting Legacy What is the PHCC Foundation? How Do We Make A Difference Be the Difference We support students We support the community We support education PHCC is a large supplier of local jobs Supporting the Community Providers of affordable education to local students Supports volunteer
opportunities in community Helping deserving students achieve their dreams Our Scholarships Donors can contribute their donations to one of the two scholarship options PHCC foundation donors are the lifeblood of our scholarships Annual Scholarships Funded annually by a donor Scholarships can be given in the donor's name, or to honor a person of the donor's choosing A gift of $10,000 or more will benefit many students in the long term. The second choice is The Endowment Scholarship Donors can fund a never ending flow of support to be used by the college for classroom technology and equipment to make the college a better learning environment for students Scholarships are not the only way for donors to give The Excellence Endowment is a way to keep on giving to PHCC The PHCC foundation contributes over
1.2 million to support
colleges annually which go to programs
and other needs of funding Student Clubs Sports Supports Student Activities and Recreation Phi Theta Kappa Campus Crusade for Christ Men of Excellence Basketball Volleyball Softball Today, over 200 named,
endowed funds provide
500 scholarships each
year to Pasco and Hernando
county students. The Foundation has also addressed critical shortages of trained health care professionals in the community. It also orchestrated the effort, with the West Pasco Dental Association, to raise a quarter of a million dollars to create a dental hygiene program which ranks among the best in the nation. The Foundation gave out $600K in scholarships last year to students in need However support is still needed Why the Foundation is Important 63% of students are reporting need for financial aid because only 33% of student who applied for Foundation scholarships last year were able to receive one. So support the PHCC Foundation and support the future Be the change
Be the difference Thank You For more information please visit:
http://phcc.edu/general-information/phcc-foundation and activities It established partnerships with local hospitals to create nursing sponsorships and committed significant financial resources to expand the associate degree nursing program.
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