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Active Aging: The Netherlands

No description

Nina Donia

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Active Aging: The Netherlands

Active Ageing Facts, figures, projects/initiatives Attitude towards Active Aging Projects Dutch Standard for
healthy exercising European Initiatives Facts on Population Overall definition Cutural Aspects Definitions and cultural dimensions of Active Ageing "Active ageing is the process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance quality of life as people age. It applies to both individuals and population groups." (WHO 2002) Changing views on ageing. Being old is something one must cherish! The elderly can be cool, beautiful and wise at the same time!

Age Vending: how to put the elderly back on the market. 16.655.799 total
More than 2.5 million 65 +
More than 6.5 thousand 80 + International ‘A society consisting of more people that are ageing and lower birth rates won’t survive.’ ‘From my point of view ageing is not a problem but a demographic development that will be over in 30 years.’ A proper, volitional and healthy life,
from cradle to grave. Being healthy, working out and being able to continue working, perhaps with different work hours to accommodate their situation. Employers should invest in their employees, so they stay fit and will be able to give an optimal contribution. Europe 2020 strategy
2012 European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations
Pilot European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing
Health Strategy 2008 – 2013
Open Method of Coordination on Healthcare and long term
Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI)
European Employment Strategy
Ageing Well in the Information Society Action Plan
European Disability Strategy 2010- 2020 Act your age National Granny's Finest OOPOEH Active Ageing in our country means …. •Definition of active ageing (from different perspectives)
•Cultural dimension of active ageing
•Facts and figures of active ageing
•Projects/initiatives on active ageing
•Attitude towards active ageing
•Reflection on collaboration in your national group Focus on Budget/ Budget Cuts

National Policy is shaped after Scandinavian and Southern European Model.

Dutch mentality strives for independence, yet politics dictate a solution based on informal care.

Indigenous vs non-indigenous elderly and how they differ in their views on active ageing? what’s to be expected of them, and what role they should fulfill in this rapidly changing society? Population of the Netherlands Population ageing Main causes
Baby boom after WOII
Birth control in ‘60
Better healthcare 5 days a week
30 minutes per day
Change in pulse and breathing

To improve:
Physical well being
Mental well being (Nederlandse Norm Gezond Bewegen) Meeting the NNGB improves cognitive functions
Meeting NNGB in midlife reduces the chance of Alzheimer’s with 50%
Meeting NNGB reduces the progression of Alzheimer’s Goal: 65% of the population to meet the NNGB 20% of 65+ meet the NNGB

80+ residing in elderly homes:
2000 20% of 80+
2010 14% of 80+ Active Ageing and solidarity between generations (2012) What is 'ageing'? Visible and/or noticeable degeneration of the body, such as loss of muscle tissue or stiffening of the joints.

Mental degeneration, such as memory loss due to loss of nerve cells in the brain. Miep Schilt, 98 years old.

“Whatever, I don’t care.” “Well, I’m incredibly deaf. But I have a device, a little amplifier. I put it around the neck of the teacher, so that I can still hear him.” ‘Active ageing means two things to me; it seems nowadays people are more aware and exercise to prevent illness. But it could also refer to the fact that we have to actively do something with population ageing, keep the population healthy and independent due to financial and practical reasons’ ‘I think there’s been a growth in the approachability of sports for the elderly around me. When I walk the dog I often see Nordic Walking Groups and at the gym there’s a 65+ group’ ‘I think the elderly in the Netherlands are very fond of their independency. Going to an elderly home makes you get older faster’ ‘I wonder how the changes in our diet, compared to previous generations, reflect on our health in the long run.’ ‘I think it’s important to be a citizen of the society, like volunteering or being a member of a card club. When you get older, you will have lost many of the people around you, due to illnesses or death. When I reach that age, i will do my best!’ (a 51-year old women) Questions?
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