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Ecosystem Dynamics

A look into the Basics of understanding limiting factors

Teika Clavell

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Ecosystem Dynamics

Ecosystem Dynamics
Ecosystems are habitat communities and all living things that make it up
A Tiger's Ecosystem
Different tiger subspecies live in very different habitats – including tropical rainforests, evergreen forests, mangrove swamps, grasslands, savannas, and temperate forests.

Food Chains and Food Webs
A food chain is a representation of the flow of energy within an ecosystem that only goes one way whereas a food web is the interlinking of the food chains
Food Web
Food Chain
A tiger's niche
When you remove one element from a fragile ecosystem, it has far reaching and long lasting effects on biodiversity. This impacts on local communities, habitats and other species which share the tiger's home.
The tiger is at the top of the food chain in all the ecosystems it lives in. As such, it keeps populations of deer, wild pig, antelope and gaur in check. Without the tiger to control them these prey species would expand.
This excessive population would then totally ravage its food source - vegetation. If the vegetation in the jungles was devastated, smaller animals and insects would not survive there.
So a tiger's niche, role within its ecosystem, is vital to the success of all other organisms within the ecosystem.
Limiting Factors
Elements of an ecosystem that limit population growth are limiting factors. For tigers, the greatest limiting factor is space due to deforestation.
Abiotic & Biotic Factors
Limiting Factors
that contribute to
Abiotic Factors
Biotic Factors
all living things
plant or other organism that uses photosynthesis to make energy
Organisms that eat plants and other organisms.
Learn about impact to impact!
Their existence depends on it
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