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Supply Chain Management

No description

Isabella Nirchi

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Supply Chain Management

Customers Receive 24-Hour Service and Improved Vendor Relationships Shipment Pickups and Deliveries are More Accurately Monitored The Product The Internet Provides Cost Saving Opportunities for Supply Chains HOW THE INTERNET HAS REVOLUTIONIZED THE SUPPLY CHAIN Inventory Management is being Revolutionized by the Internet Collaboration in the Supply Chain Telephone In person

Mail Fax Methods of Communication Resources By: Isabella Nirchi, Jessica Viscosi, James Fyles, Carlo Iera, Elizabeth Lee, Yujin Oh and Amanda Wiseman "As the world moves forward into globalization, it has become essential for companies to expand beyond their local market in order to compete and succeed in the 21st century" (Hwang, 2005). Supply Chain
Management Let's Play the Telephone Game! The internet has been able to revolutionize the global supply chain by facilitating communication References Hwang, J.-L. (2005). Coffee goes to China: An examination of Starbucks’ market entry strategy. Journal of Undergraduate Research, 6(8).

Cao, M., Vonderembse, M. A., Zhang, Q., & Ragu-Nathan, T. S. (2010). Supply chain collaboration: Conceptualisation and instrument development. International Journal of Production Research, 48(22), 6613-6635.

Croom, S., Romano P., & Giannakis, M. (2000). Supply chain management: An analytical framework for critical literature review. European Journal of Purchasing & Supply Management, 6(1), 67-83.

Lancioni, R. A., Smith, M. F., & Oliva, T. A. (2000). The role of the internet in supply chain management. Industrial Marketing Management, 29(1), 45-46. Collaboration in the Supply Chain The process of managing capital,
human resources, and information (Lancioni, Smith, & Oliva, 2000)

The Apple iPhone Supply Chain Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-10425965-93.html In 2009, research shows that 80% of adults in the U.S. Use the internet everyday Hello, my name is Yujin! zappos.com Integration of the Internet into
Supply Chain Management
* Provide 24-hour customer service,
* Eliminate the middlemen,
* Speed up communication between
customers & suppliers,
* Reduce logistics costs, and
* Facilitate inventory management Zappos was able to... ...thanks to the internet. "Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication.” The Telephone Game!
«Part 2» Communication is more efficient when the middle men are eliminated. Online Communication Methods FREE WI-FI Today, the internet is being used to manage the major components of supply chains
(Lanciani, Smith & Oliva, 2000). MAIN POINTS CONCLUSION Online Communication in SCM is Rapidly Increasing The key ingredient for success is fast, accurate information from a wide range of operating areas.
Shown significant improvement in major corporations. OPEN * The basic business processes are done more efficiently and effectively (Croom, Romano, & Giannakis, 2000).

* Thus, the internet has revolutionized the SCM by speeding up the communication between the supplier and the consumer. (Cao, et al., 2012) A long-term partnership where supply chain partners with common goals work together to achieve mutual
advantages that are greater than the firms would achieve individually. Common Goals The basic supply chain is no longer being used.
High level of collaboration.
Use of online communications
The internet has changed the way the SCM works by eliminating the middlemen.
Many advantages of the internet. Before the internet: Emails
Video Chat ( Skype )
Online customer service reps
Chat Rooms
Website/ Social Media site "For an effective supply chain, you have to share confidential information among vendors, customers and internal departments. Technologies of the internet have enhanced effective communication" (Lilze, 2005). Information Sharing Resource Sharing Joint Knowledge Creation Before After
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