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Anh Vu

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of ANTREMIRDAY

Madison Mirabella
Miranda Dowler
Trey Wheeler
Anh Vu
The result,
renewable energy resources


WHY "tennant"?

Reflects the culture of the location/site
Connect with students through pop culture
Edinburgh, Scotland
Our castle is located in the countryside of Edinburgh, 1 hour away from the city.
We wanted a quiet and safe setting for our students but was still relatively close to the city and their families.
Architectural style: medieval castle
examples of inspiration
We wanted to give our students a historical atmosphere with historical architecture. We wanted to combine the classic with modern and the result was a castle with state of the art technology and is mostly run by renewable resources. Since there are a lot of castles in Scotland, we wanted to reuse them and convert them into schools (non historical ones).
*not to scale
Middle tower
Entrance/ administrative offices
Peacock tower
Hawk Tower
OWL tower
phoenix tower
Great hall
COncept sketches

Level 1: Circular gym surrounded by tall bulletproof windows
level 3: Study hall
level 4: Movie theater/auditorium
level 2: Meeting space/club rooms
level 5: Teacher living quarters off limits to students
math class rooms
science labs
Technology/engineering classrooms
Dance and art classrooms
Video photography/drama acting
Music classrooms
Math class rooms
Science labs
Medical class rooms
"Fake hospital"
Medical technology
History/Language Arts
Foreign languages
Circular shaft elevator for equal access with a spiral staircase in each tower.
Tables that are interactive touch screens. Students can work on them like giant tablets and save their work in their "card" and can plug it in to another table to continue their work.
something like this....
Tennant Castle Academy is a charter school.
free/no tuition
PUblic School
Charter School
Do not discriminate
Limited space
Must submit application
Independently run
Can be shut down if mismanaged or low test scores
Funding can be cut
Have to follow state guidelines
OUr school....
-Will require an application process similar to VSAA's. (interview, essay)

we do this so we can see what house they belong to.
-Will be partially funded with the profits from our farm, fundraisers, grants and donations.
students will help tend to the farm as part of their chores.
We are also an international boarding school grades 6-12
Students can still visit home over the weekend and on holidays.
Students will have the opportunity to call and skype their families in the evening after school.
THe four houses
Inspired by Hogwarts
We sort our students into four different areas of interests, the creative arts, STEM, medical and liberal arts.
Students will have classes with the people from their house, they will live together and hopefully form a close bond with these people.
We decided that these were a better alternatives to laptops because students will still be able to do their work digitally and save trees without other distractions. Unlike laptops these have less liability are are easier to manage.
Maths (up to college levels available)
History/social studies
1 PE course (options include horseback riding, football, lacrosse, cricket, swimming, tennis, track, quidditch and of course,golf etc.)
1 Foreign language course
1 Elective course from their house (sixth graders will be required to rotate courses within their house)
1 Elective course from another house
Required Courses:
international students will need tuition
All basic courses will have honors and ap levels
Planning process
note: there will be equal access loos (restrooms) on every floor
SOlar Energy
Wind energy
green practices
Solar panels on the roofs of the towers
Each solar panel generates about 200 watts of electricity
Each tower has 1,875 square feet of solar panels
Solar panels are positioned to get as much sunlight as possible
Excess energy (if any) will be stored for rainy cloudy days
wind turbines
Our wind turbines will be located next to a bay a few miles away from the school
Vertical axis wind turbines will also be installed on the castle walls.
These turbines can be up to 20 stories tall and 200 feet wide. With the right conditions these can produce enough energy for 600 U.S. homes.
The wind spins the blades, which turn a shaft connected to a generator that produces electricity.
of the future
For all of the rooms and dorms, we'll be using acoustically absorbent materials made out of recycled materials.
extra food from meals will be used as compost for our gardens and farm.
Green roofs along all flat surfaces of our building. They help keep the building cool and will filter rainwater.
Windows using thermochromic glass
Thermochromic windows adapt to changing sunlight intensity to reduce heat load in buildings.
They also maximize daylighting (the practice of placing windows or other openings and reflective surfaces so that during the day natural light provides effective internal lighting).
Sunlight responsive thermochromic windows use the sun's energy to tint the windows and block the sun's energy that otherwise would have ended up as heat load in the building.
Helps reduce glare, fading and noise and increases safety.
All windows will be theochromic
Geothermal hv/ac system
How does it work?
Uses the constant below ground temperature of soil or water
The ground temperature is cooler than than the air in the summer and vice versa. The geothermal heat pumps exchange heat with the earth through a ground heat exchanger.
This is the most common system used in schools.
"For a vertical system, holes (approximately four inches in diameter) are drilled about 20 feet apart and 100 to 400 feet deep. Into these holes go two pipes that are connected at the bottom with a U-bend to form a loop. The vertical loops are connected with horizontal pipe (i.e., manifold), placed in trenches, and connected to the heat pump in the building."
Our school has a farm which is where we get the most of our food. Our main crop is potatoes and since they grow really well in Scotland and are one of the most versatile vegetables, as a way of giving back to the community we donate all of the potato crop we don't eat to local homeless shelters.
community service
When students go home back to the city in the weekends they are required to do at least 3 hours of community service.
Since this is a boarding school, we'll be using the building the whole year. However, the during the winter and summer holiday the building will be available to the public. We often will hold camps and seminars for younger kids for free. This will help our students learn to become leaders and teachers.
The Most Challenging Parts:
"Figuring out the diagram and measurements.."

"Scaling it to make it realistic..."
"Making the digital model..."
"ALL of the tiny details.."
The Most Fun Parts:
"Making the model....painting the realistic grass.."
"Working together as a team and brainstorming really good ideas..."
"Seeing the final product completed and how good it looked..."
4 greenhouses 50' x 25'
Each house is in charge of maintaining their own greenhouse.
Crops will be used in the kitchens and some will donated.
raspberries & strawberries
Vegetables from the greenhouses will also be donated.
various leafy greens
green beans
prezi- ANh
sketchup model- Anh & trey
group narrative- madison
notecards- miranda
poster-madison and miranda
diagram and physical model- everyone
Rainwater collection
We will collect the runoff water from our roofs and filter it to use throughout the school.
We'll also be collecting and filtering storm water for the irrigation of our greenhouses and farm.
Not to scale
Technology/engineering classrooms
Salt Water Collection
Collecting salt water from the bay for restroom facilities
Uses 1.6 gallons of water for one flush
"Go" three times a day
2000 students
Equals 9,600 gallons of fresh water we are saving each day
To prevent oxidization of pipes, we are creating them out of polycarbonate and then coating them in steel.
Moving walkways for equal access and easy transport.
David Tennant is a Scottish actor who played the Tenth Doctor in the TV show, Doctor Who
Well we did lose but I love coming back here and looking over this. One year of presenting it and practicing and burns and stolen babies. Why didn't he get an AMBER alert? I love this project sometimes and other times I hate it because it brought us together but sometimes it tears us apart. I'm glad we don't have to present it again but if we did get to, I would love to pretend that we don't care. I wish we would of presented at internationals without a care or a thought in the world. That sounds more fun to me. I wish we could all have apartments across from each other, that hotel was fun. Miss Wohl is married now and it makes me think about us growing up too. So many changes in the past year, at least for 3/4's of us ;) I had too much fun on this project and I'm sad it's over. I do hope I can see ya'll again and always remember that we're Antremirday and I wouldn't have it any other way. Well, if I could relive last year I might do that. i didn't realize what I had until it was gone. Lots of love, Madayday <3
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