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Locke - The Self & Consciousness

No description

Justin Litaker

on 31 August 2017

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Transcript of Locke - The Self & Consciousness

Other Archimedean Spirals
Hyperbolic Spiral (opposite)
Fermat's Spiral (double)
Lituus (inverse)
Parker Spiral of the Solar Wind
Catherine's Wheel
Mathematical Applications of Archimedean Spirals
Archimedes developed a process in his proof for his spiral in order to find the distance between each curve, this became known as "completing the square." (take notes)

Contemporary Applications
There are also two types of spirals:

Archimedean Spirals (Arithmetic Progression)

Logarithmic Spirals (Geometric Progression)

Logarithmic Spirals
Logarithmic Spirals separation distance between curves follows a geometric progression.

Golden Spiral of Fibonacci is shown below.
Aspects of the Self
Archimedean Spirals
An Archimedean Spiral has the property that any ray, drawn from the origin to successive intersections of the spiral, intersects points with the constant seperation distance 2(pi)b (in radians).
General Archimedean Spiral
Polar Equation:

The normal Archimedean Spiral occurs when c = 1.

Applications that are relevant to modern physics.
Fermat's Spiral
Fermat's Spiral is a double Archimedean Spiral. One modern application of this spiral is to find the optimal layout for the solar mirrors in Solar Power Plants.
Parker's Spiral of Solar Wind
As the sun rotates, its magnetic field twists into a Parker Spiral as it extends through the solar system. Eugene Parker predicted this movement based on the structure of comet trails.
The Self & Consciousness
1. Continuity: concerning the diachronic unity of the self
2. Identity: concerning the synchronic unity of the self
3. Agency: concerning the explanatory unity of the self
1. Something-Further Theory: the self is something further than the continuity of psychological states, namely it is that which is said to have these states
2. Nothing-Further Theory: the self is nothing further than the continuity of psychological states and their relations
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