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The 12 Stages of the Hero's Journey

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kyle thompson

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of The 12 Stages of the Hero's Journey

The 12 Stages of the HERO'S Jounrney In every epic there is a hero's jounrey which is made up of tewelve steps. Ordinary World The Ordinary World is defind as the hero's normal world (normal life) befor the story begins. The ordinary world for Beowulf was his home country of Geatland. The ordinary world for Alex is a small town in England Beowulf The Stormbreaker Call to Adventure The hero is persented with a problem, challenge or adventure to undertake The Stormbreaker The call to adventure for Alex is when his ungle is killed in a car crash, he then finds out the truth about his ungle. Stage 1 Stage 2 Beowulf Beowulf's call to adventure is when he goes to the land of the Danes to help King Hrothgar defeat the much feared Grendel. Refusal of the Call The hreo refuses the challenge or journey, usually out of fear. Stage 3 Beowulf I Beowulf, he does not refuse the call to adventure, he wants to make a name for him self. The Stormbreaker Alxe does not want to take over the job as a spy like his ungle was. Meeting with the Mentor The hero meets a mentor to gain confidence, advice or traing to face the adventure. Stage 4 Beowulf Beowulf does not need a mentor, he has the power of 30 men in each arm The Stormbreaker The mentor that Alex meets is a trainer for the spys Crossing the frist Treshold The hero crosses the gateway that separates the ordinary world from the special world Stage 5 Beowulf The treshold in Beowulf is the journey to the land of the Danes The Stormbreaker The treshold for Alex is the limo ride to Style Interprizes Test, Allies, Enemies The hero faces tests, meets allies, confronts enemies and learns the rules of the special world Stage 6 The Stormbreaker Alex is face with many test during his mission in Style Interprize, he learns that there is no one to trust Beowulf Beowulfs test is to become the best hero to live, he meets both allies and enemies. Approach The hero has hit setbackes during test and needs to reorganize his helpers or rekindle morale with mentors rally cry. Stage 7 Beowulf Beowulf does not have any setbacks during his journey The Stormbreaker The setbacks Alex is faced with in his journey is when the workers try to kill him Ordeal The biggest life or deal crisis- the hero faces his greatest fear and only through death can the hero can be reborn, experiencing even greater powers to see the journey to the end Stage 8 The Stormbreaker Alex is faced with an ordeal his life is at risk, but he fights his way out Beowulf Beowulf faces death two times when he fight Grendal and his mother Reward The hero has survived death, overcome his gratest fear and now earns the reward he sought. Stage 9 Beowulf Beowulf is rewarded with alot of treashers. Stormbreaker The reward that Alex is given is his house and his American maid gets to stay with him. Road Back The hero must recommit to completing the journey and travel the road to the ordinary world Stage 10 Beowulf Beowulf goes back to his home land where he must battle the beast Stormbreaker Alex must go back to the city to stop the disterbution of the computers Resurrection The hero faces most dangerous meeting with death this shows the hero can apply all he knows. Stage 11 Stormbreaker Alex faces death when he has to parachute out of a plane. Beowulf When Beowulf goes back to his kingdom he feels that he has to kill the beast even knowing he is going to die. Return with Elixir The hero returns from the journey with the elixir so everyone in the world can use to heal physical or emotional wounds Stage 12 Beowulf Beowulf does not return with the elixir because he died from the vinum Stormbreaker Alex does not retrun with the elixir, he does not have the power to heal any wounds THE END
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