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Novia Wagoner L and L

No description

Shawn Groves

on 20 October 2017

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Transcript of Novia Wagoner L and L

Novia Wagoner L and L
Today you will learn how to plot coordinates on a grid, and you with also learn what latitude and longitude.
So what you just saw was laitude lines. Laitude lines go from North to South. The equator is equally distant from both poles.
So the picture that you just saw was longitude. The longitude lines go from East to West. A prime meridian is a meridian (a line of longitude) in a coordinate system which longitude is at 0°.
Now you are going to learn how to plot a coordinate. When you plot a coordinate you do lalitude and then longitude. You may have a coordinate like this (18N,30W). And this is how you would plot it on the grid.
First you will use the line that is pink and you will go side to side. But you don't plot your point yet; you just put your finger on the first number. You may not have a number that is on a line but just try your best to figure out where it goes.
Second you will go up and down using the blue line. Which the number for longitude is always the second number in a coordinates.
Now you will go straight to the side with your finger.
Now you have to kinda curve your finger when ever you plot this coordinate unless you have straight lines but you don't on this map.(you curve you finger because the lines are curved and the world is not flat so you CAN'T go straight).
After you have done that you will plot your point. Now you know how to plot a coordinate!
You may be given a blank coordinate grid, which you do the same exact thing as you would do for the map. Here lets do a problem.
that was the equator which is at (0,0)
what you Just saw was the prime meridian which is located at (0,0) as well at the equator. BUT THE EQUATOR AND THE PRIME MERIDIAN IS TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!!!!
Problem #1.try to plot a coordinate by your self, your coordinate is (19N,0)
Problem #2. Is the equator located on the longitude or latitude?
Problem #3.What lines do you use to plot the first coordinate?
Problem #4. Where is the prime Meridian located?
Problem #5. What lines do you use for longitude?


latitude lines
answer: You use the up and down lines
How to remeber what longatude
Note: You can rember what coordiante you do first by saying "you have to climb, before you walk"
Note: how to remember Longatuide is by the same saying that you used for laitude, " you have to climb, before you walk" But since you already climbed you gotta walk
Here is a map of Africa, Lets plot (18N,0)
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