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**Extraction of Remaining Roots**

No description

Dalia Ramadan

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of **Extraction of Remaining Roots**

**Extraction of Remaining Roots**

Done by :
Dania Salhab & Dalia Ramadan

* Surgical/ Open approach
Usually done when the retained root is:
Impacted in the bone
Fractured below the bone level
Accessibly poor
Complex morphology of the root

* Broken root fragments
Remove or Leave ???

* Non-surgical/ Closed approach
Usually done when,
The root level is above the bone level
There is mobility
The remaining root is accessible
Short roots
Easy access

* Removing a fractured root tip
When a root fragment is fractured :
1- Irrigation & suction technique
Irrigate copiously and use a fine suction tip, the mobile fragment will be removed.
2- Use a root tip pick elevator if the fragment is delicate or a straight elevator if the fragment is big.
3- If the closed technique is not successful surgeon should move to open technique.

* Leaving a fractured root tip
Is considered when closed approaches have been unsuccessful and open approach may be excessively traumatic.

Extraction of Remaining Roots

*Why do we do extract Remaining Root??
Retained roots act as a source of infection
and frequently are associated with draining tracts, which can be uncomfortable for the patient.

Extraction Approaches:
A. Non surgical-closed technique.
B.Surgical-Open technique.
* Carried out using :

1- Remaining Root Forceps

2- Elevator

* Carried out by flap operation
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