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The Huang He River Civilization Timeline

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Kyong Yi

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of The Huang He River Civilization Timeline

1700 B.C.
1000 B.C.
4000 B.C.
100 B.C.
The Huang He River Civilization Timeline
First Dynasty
The Shang Dynasty
Shang who ruled from about 1700 B.C to 1000 B.C.
Shang King first governed small areas in Northern China.
Later on, their armies grew bigger and bigger and conquered more territories and Finally took over most of the Huang He River Valley.
The Zhou Dynasty
Last longer than any other Chinese dynasty in Chinese history.
Time period is divided into two parts called the Western Zhou, and Eastern Zhou.
They had lots of battle with Mongolians, so they built large mounds of dirt and rocks as a barriers to slow them down
Beginning of iron age, so all the weapons are stronger.
The Qin Dynasty
Didn't last very long, but made the most impact on China's future.
The Qin expanded China's territory, and created the first Chinese empire.
This dynasty created money, laws, and measurement.
They have created The Great Wall of China, and Terra Cotta Army. At first, people thought these were waste of the resources, but now it is a big part of the Chinese history.ㅅ
The Han Dynasty
Lasted 400 years, and it is consider to be one of the greatest period in the entire history of China.
Was also divided into Western and Eastern Han.
Han culture defines Chinese culture today. In fact, most Chinese citizens claim their ethnic background as Han.
The empire grew greatly during this time, conquering land in modern Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, and even into Central Asia.
Later on
Chinese dynasties would continue to rule China until Medieval times when the Mongolians finally conquered China.
Chinese families eventually fought back and regained control, which they maintained until 1911 when China experienced a civil war.
China is unique because they have continued the same culture since ancient times.
China Today
The Beginning
It all started around 4000 BC in China.
It was the start of many Chinese empire.
Many of the ethnic group and culture begun in this region.
When everything started.
The Xia Dynasty was the first dynasty in Chinese History
Lasted about 500 years included region of 17 emperors.
Not all historians agree that The Xia Dynasty was a real dynasty because the story doesn't exactly match with the archeologysts.
The Huang He River Today
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