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Emma's Highbury

Character outline for Emma Plot Conflicts

Chastity Li

on 5 December 2011

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Transcript of Emma's Highbury

Highbury Emma Mr. Knightley Harriet Mr. Woodhouse Miss Bates Frank Churchill Mr. Elton Emma Prideful Confident Judgemental Caring Elegant Smart Imaginative Devious Mr. Elton Vain Handsome Prideful Spoiled Mr. WOodhouse Worrisome Luxurious Emma's Highbury Conflicts feeble Miss Bates Boring Loquacious Loving Mr. Knightley Wise intelligent Thoughtful Sensitive insightful Characters Gossip Misunderstandings Plot lines Social Outings Important Events Harriet Frank Churchill Flatters Handsome Sweet-Talker insensitive Gullible Emma Mr. Woodhouse Harriet v.s. Her Love of Mr. Elton Emma v.s. Her Matchmaking Mr. Elton v.s. Emma Mr. Knightley v.s. Mr.Elton Emma v.s. Jane Fairfax Emma v.s. Miss Bates' Conversation Sub-plot 1 Exposition Miss Taylor Marries Mr. Weston,
giving Emma more lesiure time.
She meets Harriet and has time
to match-make. Rising Action Emma convinces Harriet
that Mr. Elton loves her.
She has Harriet decline
Mr. Martin. Climax Mr. Elton asks Emma
to marry him. Falling Action Emma apologizes to Harriet
She also resolves to stop
match-making Follower Innocent Naive Thoughtless Mrs. Weston Jane Fairfax Mrs. Elton Mr. Weston Mrs. Elton Vulgar vain Egocentric Jane Fairfax Beautiful Educated Controlled shy cold Sensitive Conclusion Mr. Elton marries Miss
Hawkins and Harriet
moves on Emma v.s. Mrs. Elton Emma v.s. Mr. Knightley's advice
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