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S1 Creative Curriculum

A presentation to show parents the changes to the S1/2 English curriculum for 2010/11

Tina Stevens

on 10 June 2010

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Transcript of S1 Creative Curriculum

Curriculum for Excellence will improve education for children
and young people by putting learning experiences at the heart
of education. "all pupils should be offered the opportunity to engage with and create a wide range of texts* in different media, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by ICT"
Reading and responding to literature and other texts play a central role in the development of learners’ knowledge and understanding.

In order to engage with the experiential element of Curriculum for Excellence the English dept curriculum has been redesigned to reflect these changes: For two periods of the week pupils will follow a 'traditional' English curriculum which will concentrate on analysing written texts and improving skills in reading , writing, talking and listening.
Pupils will retain the same teacher for the entire year. For a double period every week pupils will follow a 'Creative Curriculum' designed around the Literacy and English Experiences & Outcomes.

These periods will allow pupils to develop Literacy skills by being involved in projects delivered over a 7/8 week period. Changes to the Curriculum in S1 English at Craigholme School It's English - but not as we know it! Curriculum for Excellence
Literacy & English opening statement Traditional curriculum Creative Curriculum *Texts not only include those presented in traditional written or print form, but also orally, electronically or on film. These periods will be rotational and each member of S1 will be involved in 4 projects each with a different focus and teacher The projects offered this year will be: Filming the Book: Pupils will design, film and edit together a trailer advertising their favourite book Animating the Poem:
Pupils will learn the basics of stop-motion animation and use these skills to develop a short film based around a poem Magazine Journalism:
Pupils will learn how to develop, write,
organise and publish their own Magazine Building a Website
Pupils will research content for a website and then build it in a way that makes sense. The Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes reflect the increased use of multi-modal texts, digital communication, social networking and the other forms of electronic communication encountered by children and young people in their daily lives. It recognises that the skills which children and young people need to learn to read these texts differ from the skills they need for reading continuous prose.
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