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Copy of Lorax Vocabulary Words

Lorax Vocab Words

Kaitlyn O'Connor

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Lorax Vocabulary Words

eludes Wretched indignant Uttered radiance littered seized crumpled dejected dwindle The runner tries to elude the tackler in order to score a touchdown. The man left a negative impact on the Earth when he littered and discarded his garbage inappropriately. The building crumpled to the ground after the severe earthquake. The teacher seized the papers off of the table and distributed our tests. The radiance of the sunlight blinded me temporarily. Changes in climate due to rising Earth temperatures have caused habitats in the polar regions to dwindle for many animals. The student was dejected because he thought he did poorly on his exam. The child was indignant because she did not receive dessert after dinner. When our principal walked into the classroom, not a single student uttered a word. If we continue to pollute the planet, Earth will feel wretched and continue to become damaged and harmed. Earth Day Vocabulary

Inspired by "The Lorax"
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