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Best Business Ideas 2014

We took Talk Business Magazines 14 Best Business Ideas 2014 and created this animated infographic...

Bearfoot Graphics

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Best Business Ideas 2014

Inspired by a craft beer renaissance in the US, microbreweries are growing in the UK as consumers turn away from commercially-brewed beers. With the alcoholic drinks industry predicted to grow to an estimated £45 billion by 2017, this sector holds opportunities for entrepreneurs keen to join the UK’s “craft beer revolution”
The fitness market is worth over
£3 billion and although figures show the obesity crisis is worsening, both the fit and overweight alike are fuelling personal training industry. With Olympic medallist Victoria Pendleton announcing plans
to become a personal trainer,
2014 marks a great to time
to join her
Niche comparison sites
Starting up in an established market might seem counter-intuitive but with several verticals not yet targeted, in 2014 niche price comparison sites will become big business, especially as the market has now reached the £1 billion mark
Virtual assistant
Demand for the online work market
is rising and if estimations are correct, it will be a $5 billion global market by 2018. As more and more businesses turn away from full-time in-house assistants to their online counterparts, 2014 will see virtual assistants multiply
Raspberry pi accessories
The Raspberry Pi microcomputer, essentially a credit-card sized miniature PC, is gathering steam having now sold over two million units and has garnered huge press and public attention as well as backing from Google. 2014 will see the growth of add-ons to complement this innovative offering
Victoriana is experiencing
a revival; helped by the popularity of shows such
as Mr Selfridge and multiple remakes of Sherlock Holmes. Romanticism of all
things Victorian has
grown across all sectors; taxidermy, fashion and weddings in particular, with designer Marc Jacobs’ Spring collection inspired by the era
Independent 'byod'
More and more businesses are turning to IT professionals to help them navigate the rising ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) trend. Coupled with the growth in remote working, expect to see booming demand for IT experts who specialise in this area
Mobile catering
Global cuisine on the go and health drinks will be big again in 2014 and with pop-up catering gaining real momentum amid emerging commercial centres around the UK, mobile food and drinks businesses will be in high-demand this year
blogging business
Not a new opportunity by any means but
as more companies turn to the “blogosphere”
to engage with consumers, a blogging business is still a great opportunity for 2014
– and refinements to blogging platforms and advertising interest are fuelling the market
Data analytics
The rise of “Big Data”, with 90%
of all the information on the web created in the last two years, shows no signs of abating. Businesses are increasingly looking for help to make sense of this data – including the government’s pledge to release its vast vault – so this market represents huge potential for entrepreneurs smart enough
to capitalise on it
oculus rift
game development
Virtual reality was an unrealised dream, up until now.
With Oculus Rift, the world’s first virtual reality device, set to launch later this year, this area could be the making of any software developer
clean-tech business
By 2050, the world’s population is expected to exceed nine billion and the demands on our natural resources and environment will be more evident than ever before. Government is calling on entrepreneurs to help tackle this issue making an eco-friendly start-up the way forward
Regional coworking offices
Start-up clusters are emerging across the UK, not just in London.
With areas such as Manchester, Newcastle and Brighton increasingly becoming key areas of tech innovation co-work offices in locations further afield makes for an attractive proposition for 2014
boutique care homes
The Baby Boomer generation are reaching a pensionable age and having fought for civil rights, feminism and liberalisation
will demand greater degrees
of independence, control
and personalisation as an
antidote to existing retirement living options. Expect to see boutique care homes become
a reality in 2014
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