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No description

Florian Seppl

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of StratSim

Overview StratSim

Company D We do not measure our success by the cars sold but by the satisfaction of our customers Innovation Broad Platform We do not measure our success by the
cars sold but by the satisfaction
of our customers Company General Facts Daisy Delirious X Delite Market Facts Employees - Net Income of $936 Million
- 134% of increase since P1
- Third in Stock Price with a value of $34.23
- Market Value of $17.092 Million
- Market Share of 13.3% in value and 11.1% in units sold - Sales of $22 886 for 985 vehicles on a market
of 9000 cars per year
- Increase in sales of 50% since P1
- Cumulative net income of $-4 515 Million but
soon positive -GDP increase between 1% to 2,5% until P5, decrease in P6 and in the 3 last period significant
increase up to 3,5%
- Gas price starts at 3$/G to reach 4,9$/G in P6, in the last 3 period stable price around 4,20$/G - Economy class is left behind
- A lot of competition remains on the Family and Truck segment
- Duopole on AEV, Sports and Minivan: D is present on two of these segments
- Only 3 companies have maintained a 4 cars portfolio, including us!
- F should feel alone with its Utility
- For Luxury, it is still the crisis ! Helene Wieser Sara Scholz Philippe J. Mastin Pierre Klaine Strategy Defy Dusty Class: Alternative Energy Vehicles
Segment Share: 39%
Market Share: 4%
Retail Price: $27 999
Communication: Styling
Direct Competitor: Ecstasy
Target: 1A$
Characteristics: Dynamic Alternative Induced System: DAISY Domestical Enhanced Family Yogi: DEFY Class: Family
Segment Share: 9%
Market Share: 4%
Retail Price: $18 845
Communication: Safety
Direct Competitor: Boffo
Target: Average Families
Characteristics: Class: Sports
Segment Share: 22%
Market Share: 1%
Retail Price: $49 999
Communication: Styling
Direct Competitor: Cougar
Target: 1L$
Characteristics: Class: Truck
Segment Share: 10%
Market Share: 2%
Retail Price: $19 499
Communication: Quality
Direct Competitor: Egad
Target: Singles
Characteristics: Class: Economy
Segment Share: 7%
Market Share: 1%
Retail Price: $10 995
Communication: Quality
Direct Competitor: Buzzy
Target: Low income
Characteristics: DELIRIOUS X Designed for Limited Expenses: DELITE DUSTY 4x4 Forecast Red: net income (m)
Orange: Cumulative net income (m) Customer Focus Any Questions ? Decisions Periode 2 Concept for EAV to take advantage of new market opportunities.
Increased Dealer support (120 – 130 and 137 in South)
Changes in selling prices:
- Delite: $13,492 to $11,992
- Dusty: $19,498 to $19,998
Sales: +6% Daisy Delirious X Periode 1 Increase in market expenses with
- Particular emphasis on security
- Focus on regions with low market share (south)
Increased Dealer support (104 – 120 and 129 in South as it is wost region)
Concept for sports van as target group for sportscars is likely to grow
Changes in selling prices
- Delite: $11,492 to $13,492
- Dusty: $20,497 to $19,498
Sales: +3% Periode 3 Creation of 3rd development centre
Increased Interior in Technology to be leading (with comp E in Period 4)
Increase of Dealership from 25 to 526
Financing through issuing bonds and repurchase of stock
Changes in selling prices:
- Defy: $20,350 to $18,995
- Delite: $11,992 to $10,495
- Dusty: $19,998 to $18,499
Sales: -13% Periode 4 First thoughts to stop production of Delite
Minor Upgrades:
- Defy: -$342 COGS
- Dusty: -$183 COGS
Changes in selling prices:
- Delirius X: 60,900 to 59,999
- Dusty: $18,499 to$ 19,299 (finance deinvestment
because of minor upgrade)
Sales: +26% Severe decrease of market share lead to an aggressive marketing campaign: +$120m for advertising and promotion:
- Daisy: +$20m
- Defy: + $50m
- Delirius X: +$30m
- Dusty: +$20Advertaising campaigns (Daisy: 20; Defy:50; Dusty:20)
Changes in selling prices:
- Delirius X: $59,999 to 49,999
- Dusty: $19,299 to $19,499
Sales: -25% Periode 6 Stop production of Delite
Increase of Capacity: 200-1,300 Periode 5 Changes in selling price of Daisy: $29,999 to $27,999 (Sales: ±0%) Periode 7 Decrease of extensive marketing expenses
Reduction of capacity
Sales: +13%
Keep margins high and production low Periode 8 & 9 Sales: +1%, +5% respectively
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